#HDYGG — Christmas Trees


White Christmas tree decoration

I got wind of the fact that many people would post photographs of their Christmas trees on the #HDYGG linky this week.    Which is good because I have one of those, as do many other people.  But photographing them?  They are a nightmare to photograph.  Clever people do impressive things with lights being reflected in baubles, or long exposure shots.   Well I have no idea how to do long exposure.  And we haven’t got any shiny baubles, we have just five paper decorations on our tree this year.  We have gone down the uber minimalist route with decorations this year.

Maybe because I just cannot get my head around Christmas yet.   Jonnie said yesterday “You do know it is next week, don’t you?”    I knew it was soon but I didn’t know it was actual next week.   I am so not ready.  I have a few presents but nothing like enough crossed off my list.  And none of the food, either ordered or indeed bought.

We do though, have a Christmas tree.

A real Christmas tree this year too no less.  Mr B arrived home from golf it last weekend.   There is a bit of a ritual now with Mr B buying the tree and wedging it into the front seat of his car and arriving home with it triumphantly.    Passenger seat as far back as it will go, back of it folded flat, 7′ tree shoved in.

Shame this year he forgot to put the seat up before I next got in and fell completely backwards.    Much to his utter joy.

PS you might think that these photos look very similar to a certain Mammasarus’ photos.  That would be because she edited them for me to save my shame of sharing the utter tosh I photographed.

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  • you did a lovely job photographing that snowflake and the lights. i didn’t get the christmas memo. oops. merry christmas!

  • Jingle bells, Batman smells, Tarnyar laid an eggggggggggg!

    Festive love to you and your Baz and love your Crimbo tree x

  • My brother-in-law used to pick out the biggest Christmas tree he could find and then take it home in his wife’s Fiat Cinquecento. This all stopped after he was stopped by the police on the way home one year!

  • I do hope that any needles dislodged from the tree have been carefully removed from that passenger seat before you sit there again!
    Do let us know.

  • Lovely photos! This is how my mine looked in my head… but sadly this is not how they came out. Oh well, better get back to scoffing the Christmas chocolates 🙂

  • Lovely pictures – that Annie lady is a bit talented isn’t she?! I didn’t post tree picture because we still have not put up our tree! Next week you say? Surely not?

  • you might not have many decorations on the tree but for me it’s all about the lights