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Have you heard about the Hello Fresh Recipe MatchMaker

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If you are anything like me then you will regularly get to 5pm and think “shoot I haven’t thought what to have for dinner tonight and people will expect food in half an hour”.   This will probably then be followed by a mad dash to the fridge, which you will open and stare into in the vain hope that dinner inspiration will leap out at you from the shelves.

Our fridge generally has the makings of dinner but at that point of the day 35 years of cooking totally escapes me and all I can think is “are ham sandwiches really so bad as a main meal”.

So when Hello Fresh (yes the recipe box people) asked me if I had heard about their new Hello Fresh Recipe Matchmaker feature, I had to admit that I hadn’t.   I have only ever associated Hello Fresh with signing up to their recipe boxes where you get not only the recipe but the ingredients delivered too.   Recipe boxes are a godsend for busy people.   As long as you sign up and order them in advance.    They don’t really help when you are standing in front of a fridge at 5pm on a Wednesday night.

Until now.

Hello Fresh have recognised that having access to some of their recipes would be a really useful feature for busy people and so they have put them on their website where you can search for them based on the ingredients you have.   And then by how adventurous you are feeling, if you need something hearty, and if you have any other food allergies.

You are then presented with a couple of options that feature your main ingredients and standard store cupboard provisions so can have dinner on the table, typically within the hour.

I searched for beef since I had some mince that I had bought over the weekend and it offered me a couple of options, none of them arduous and all sounded really tasty and the perfect solution to my “ahhhh what shall we have” dilemma

Not only an example of what the product would look like but then click down menus showing the nutritional information, ingredients and the method laid out step by step.



There were all sorts of recipes, as you can see from the first step above, options for chicken, seafood, pasta or tofu.   Whatever you have in your fridge, I am confident they can give you a recipe for dinner within minutes.

How clever is that?!

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