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As I mentioned yesterday, today on the blog I am sharing some pictures from the garden at Hinton Ampner.   This is a National Trust house just outside Petersfield and if you are ever in the area do go.   In fact, I have a tip to share with you that was given to me by the lovely lady on the customer service desk when we visited.

Lots of National Trust properties are near major motorways or A roads, or just off them and near popular towns and cities.  So if you are travelling a long distance, why not factor in visiting one of them en route for your “tea and a pee” rather than stopping at some god awful service station?   Much nicer to visit a home or garden, stretch your legs and have a proper cuppa and piece of cake for much less than you would pay in a faceless service station.

I loved the advice so much I signed up for membership there and then.

So on to the gardens, as I said yesterday, not at their best yet but clearly being prepared so that very soon they will be in full bloom.   And then I will be back

I apologise now for the number of photos in the post but it was such a gorgeous day I took lots.



Bees, oh how I loved seeing beehives.   My inlaws used to keep bees so are experts on all things bees.  I never met their bees or hives but whenever I see hives I always think of them and take pics to share, so this one is for you Hopalong and Lady B








Annie and I had asked permission to sneak into the closed greenhouses:

You ask

No you ask

No, you want the pictures

But I am too scared, you do it

You are better at it than me

I can’t

Oh for goodness sake

And I got this one of Annie doing what she does best, lurking in foliage taking pics.




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  • I’m a bit concerned about Cheeky. He looked very grey to me sitting with Mr B on that bench in the first shot! Are you depriving both of exercise? Deliberately?
    A super portrayal of what is obviously an outstanding NT property. We’ll add it to our list of places to see ‘ere long.
    Problem is – I think it’s No. 79!
    Trouble is they are always so tidy. Untypical for amateur Hodges like me.

    What lovely weather we are enjoying. Crackin’ the flags as we say up here. Even Manchester is getting the standpipes out of mothballs!
    The TOMATO plants are still alive and they have GROWN! At least 1 cm.

  • Oh Baz these photos! You are ON IT woman.
    Fire that is.
    No, not literally, don’t roll round in a puddle. Metaphorical fire baby.
    That was grand advice she gave and I’ve done that myself as a member. And the quality and cost of a cuppa and a cake is better than an overpriced giant bag of crisps and lame Costa coffee at some random characterless service station – and if you have kids it’s a godsend as they can run off all that pent up energy from being in the car too long!
    Thanks for joining in again pickle x