Homemade eucalyptus oil

There are two eucalyptus trees in our garden.   They are not ours, they belong to our neigbours, but they overhang into our garden.   And for the past year the growing trunk has been pushing over the fence and so, reluctantly, it was agreed that they would both be taken down.

Now I have a thing (I have a lot of “things” it would appear) about just chucking stuff away.  As Mr B once said “there is no such thing as away”.  And I am a sentimental old fool so decided I would do something with the tree.

And since I also have a “thing” about smells and loving smelly candles and burning oils etc I decided to have a go at making eucalyptus oil.

The recipe is simple enough:  crushed leaves and ground nut oil.   And then you cook it for six hours in a slow cooker.

This is the second tree, the trunk just poking above the fence has already gone but it gives you an idea of just how huge they are were

And just how many leaves you get off them:

And then six hours later you get this:

Oh and a slow cooker that will ensure than anything that goes in it subsequently will also clear out your sinuses.

Our tree lives on!


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  • oh that is a lovely thing to do. I can’t think what it smells of though??? Or would that be smell what it smells of? *ponders*

  • I wish I’d thought of doing this before last winter. We have 2 huge Eucalyptus trees in our garden, but the frost killed them both, a tree surgeon tried to save them (sounds like an episode of casualty) but by the end of summer it was obvious they weren’t going to recover, they’ll have to come down in the spring, but there are no leaves left on either of them.