How to have a socially distanced Christmas

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With restrictions in place across the country, many families won’t be spending Christmas together this year. However, while you may not be able to all physically meet up, there may still be ways of celebrating the day together. Below is a brief guide on how to enjoy a very merry socially distanced Xmas in 2020. 

Send gifts in the mail

Don’t wait until restrictions are lifted to give your loved ones all their gifts. While certain gifts may be a little too heavy and expensive to send in the post, there may still be smaller gifts that you can send out for your loved ones to open on Xmas day.

Gifts like experience packages and tickets can often be slipped into a card that can be easily mailed. Socks, books and even expensive items like jewellery are also possible to mail cheaply due to weighing very little. You could even send flowers and chocolates – some sellers can send these directly to the address of your recipient. Start sending now to ensure your gift arrives on time (even if it arrives late, it’s better that they have something to open over the Christmas period than having to potentially wait weeks to meet up in person). 

For friends and family that live locally, you may be able to drop off gifts in person. This could allow you to drop off big gifts to open on Christmas Day. You could even drop off a Christmas food hamper to certain family members – while they may not be able to physically have dinner with you, this could allow them to still enjoy some of your cooking if you’re usually the one that hosts Christmas. 

Try a virtual Xmas

Using video call technology, it could be possible to enjoy a virtual Xmas with your loved ones. While you may not want to spend the whole day on a Zoom, it may be possible to spend parts of the day on a video call to give you that sense of being together.

For instance, you could plan to do a video call while opening presents so that you can still your loved one opening their gifts. Alternatively, in the evening you could plan to host a few games via Zoom. Quizzes and games like Charades and Pictionary are all possible to play over video call. You may even be able to download apps of board games like Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit and play these virtually while also talking to each other via video. 

Plan to meet up outdoors

While you may not be able to invite certain friends and family over to your house, it may still be possible to meet up outdoors, providing you stay socially distant. Many people go for a midday walk on Christmas Day – during your walk you could plan to meet up with friends or family in a park or field. This could allow you to still physically spend part of Christmas with friends and family who aren’t in your bubble. 


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