I am going to be a granny!

Yep, the news is out.  I am going to be a granny.  Mr B is going to be a grandpa.

A couple of weeks ago Caity and Dan popped in one Sunday morning and presented us each with a present wrapped in tissue paper.  It felt like a mug and they said we had to open them at the same time.   We had no idea they would have “Grandma” and “Grandad” on one side and “congratulations on your promotion” on the other.

Okay maybe I had an inkling as Caity had been asking when we were all next getting together with my parents, and talking about other relatives and so I had an inkling that it might have been because they wanted to make the announcements in person.  With family scattered all over the country that is no easy task!

Those of us (a very small group of family) were all sworn to secrecy until Caity and Dan had their scan this week.  They wanted to know that everything was okay before going ahead and making a bigger announcement.   The rest of their family are all over the world, from Australia to America so there were lots of phone calls and emails on Monday afternoon and Tuesday to make sure that everybody knew before Caity and Dan then made their announcement on social media.

Given that Halloween is just a few days away this seemed the most appropriate way to announce it, didn’t it!  Caity and Ellie set about carving pumpkins on Monday afternoon and I have to admit I did have a little tear when we saw that finished product.

So the news is out.  I am going to be a granny.  Which is wonderful as I feel like I have been a granny my whole life.  From the age of about 9, at school, my nickname was granny.  Mostly because I wore glasses but also because I seemed to be the go-to person for friends who had a problem or needed help with something.   I am often still that person now and nothing makes me happier than thinking I have helped or made a difference to people, so whilst I have ditched the glasses for contact lenses my being called Granny again can’t come soon enough.

And yes,  I have registered GrannyBarrow.com   Well what sort of a blogger would I be, if I hadn’t?!


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