I can do it

I have a Bob the Builder earworm in my head chanting “I can do it” instead of “can we fix it?  Yes we can”.   And it is all thanks to a conference I am going to tomorrow called I Can Do It.    It’s the brainchild of Hay House publishing and to be honest I hadn’t heard of it until earlier this week when my friend Liz asked if anybody fancied coming along.  She really wanted to go but it was on her birthday and she didn’t fancy doing it on her own.    Mr B is away at his parents (*waves to Hopalong, Lady B and Mr B) this weekend so I looked at my list of things I had promised to get done and thought “sod it, let’s go”.

The idea behind it is very simple:

Developed by Louise Hay to help you heal your life, I Can Do It! is a chance to stop reflect and reconnect with your needs, desires and dreams. This is a weekend just for you: to explore new ideas, to learn new techniques, to connect and to totally nourish your soul.

It sounds perfect for where I am right now.   I feel a bit disconnected from things, a bit rudderless and I just need a bit of grounding.   I have been a huge fan of Louise Hay for years and have several of her books so I have some idea about the tone of the day but beyond that I am not sure how the day will pan out.   And I don’t really care.   Having googled all the speakers now I know we are in for some really inspirational speeches.

I am particularly looking forward to hearing Roz Savage speak.  Four Guinness World Records under her belt and the first woman to row solo across three oceans, she sounds like an extraordinary person.   Her talk is entitled “Stop drifting and start rowing” which feels exactly what I want to hear about.

There are still tickets available for the weekend, all the info is on that link in the first paragraph, and if you can’t make it in person you can follow on Twitter using #ICDIUK .   No doubt snippets of it will be appearing on here at some point in the coming weeks as I put all my newly learned wisdom into practice.

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  • Woohoo! Fan of Louise Hay too, so am sure you will have an inspirational weekend. Best of luck, wish I could come too but a bit disconnected myself at the moment.

    • I shall take copious notes and report back next week. Maybe you could come next year? It’s only in Earls Court so couldn’t be easier for you!