I have a sponsor!!

You might remember that I posted recently that I was looking for a sponsor to cover my expenses at Britmums Live in June.   I was really chuffed, therefore, to get an email from a company recently offering to do just that.

An email from a company I have known about since about 1979 and who I am really chuffed to be associated with now.   I have such happy memories of being with them during my childhood summers.

Lazy holidays in France en famille.  Look:

Me.  Circa 1979.  I would kill to have those legs again.

There is a clue in that picture as to who my sponsor is.  Hint: it is not Mercedes.

Yep, it’s Canvas Holidays.   Who, in their own words, say:

Our brand is a real family one, with a high level of customers coming back to us each year. We operate on 90 campsites in eight countries across Europe – there’s a real mix of sites, from peaceful and relaxed to all action!

And that means that I am thilled to be associated with them now.    All about families, holidays and having fun.   What’s not to like!

It makes me smile how life can go round in a circle like this.

Happy summer holidays with Canvas Holidays from a time when there was no internet, no blogging and the only sponsorship I was thinking about was swimming lengths with David Wilkie in the local pool.

To now being sponsored to attend a blogging conference by that same holiday company.

S’funny old world.

But it’s another reason why I love blogging.   And love Canvas Holidays even more.


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