I just want to talk to somebody — Friday Rant


When did it become so difficult to talk to somebody?

Call any organisation and you get through to an automated “press one for billing”  / “press two for new orders”  nonsense.

For the past few weeks we have been having a nightmare with our broadband.   This saga will probably fill many a blog post in the future but right now I am so angry with them I can’t even bring myself to rant about it.

What frustrated me the most though was the painful process I had to go through to actually speak to a human being.  I had been Tweeting them, asking for assistance.  I was told to follow a link and fill in a form.   For whatever reason that didn’t work.  I asked them to call me so I could talk to them.

We only offer on line support

What?  You can’t call me?

Apparently not.  I can’t call her.  She can’t give me HER number.   I am not allowed to speak to somebody.

I eventually find a phone number to call on the website.   It doesn’t go well.   It goes something like this:

“Thank you for calling Talk Talk.  If your call is about your broadband / TV or phone, please press 1”

I press 1  and sigh.  I just want to talk to a person.

“If you are calling with regards to the landline number you are using, please press 1.  For any other address, please press 2”

I press 1.  Please can I talk to somebody?

“From October 28th we know that there has been a fault with the television service in your area.  In order to update you please input a mobile number so we can text you”

errr I don’t want to give you a mobile number and it isn’t a problem with my TV.  I ignore her and beg, out loud, to hear a human voice.

“In order to update you about the TV fault in your area, please input a mobile number now”

OK, I am starting to get really grumpy now.  I have three teenagers at home and no internet.  I don’t have a problem with the chuffing TV and you are not having my mobile number.   I ignore her again.

“please input your mobile number now”

If I input my mobile number I will get another menu maybe.   Reluctantly I input my mobile number.

“Thank you.  Will update you by text when there is news on the TV service in your area.   Good bye”








Made worse by the fact the company is called Talk Talk and that seems to be the last thing they want to do.

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This post is one of my many Ranty Fridays

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  • I feel your pain, I had this with bt the worst company I have ever, ever dealt with. The problem with these systems is that if you do actually get to talk to someone you are so furious the poor phone operator gets it in the neck. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Oh don’t get me started on this, so so so annoying. And when they can’t skip their questions because they have to follow their script – AGH. Great rant – I’m ranting over here on behalf of you 🙂

  • My comment:

    “Xollocks!” –
    Press 1 to reveal what X stands for.
    Press 2 to speak to someone in India
    Press 3 to ask to speak to an English speaker in India
    Press 4 to give up.

  • Now you are the third person this week to have ranted about no internet connection – all different service providers – they are all the same grrrr!

  • One of Virgin media’s classics happened when I phoned to report that we had no internet connection. The recorded message simply said “To check the latest service status, please visit virginmedia.com” Erm….. without internet connection – how?

  • I imagine you singing this to the tune of I wanna Dance with Somebody from Whitney Huston!

  • I’ve had a similar experience with my credit card company. Took FOREVER to work out which combination of numbers I needed to press to actually speak to someone. Gives me RAGE FACE!