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I have often wondered where fellow bloggers got their inspiration for a blog post from.  Not the review type posts or the recounting of a recent family event, but the more philosophical posts.

So I typed “blog post ideas” into Google just to see what would happen and came across a “blog post title generator” where all you had to do was hit the button and it would give you a title.

It would seem with an alarming randomness.

Here are their first five suggestions for me today:

1.  10 Things I Like About Tomatoes

Now anybody that knows me will know that I don’t.  I like them in Ketchup or in bolognese but cold, fried whole, or in a salad?  It makes me shudder just thinking about it.    #Fail

2.  9 Things I Like About Crab

Ummm.   Well they aren’t exactly cute and cuddly are they?  So nine things I like about them?  Nine?   a)  they taste nice; b)  they look quite funny; c)  is there a c?  Seven more answers?  Really?  Nope….   I can’t do this.   #Fail

3.   4 Things I Hate about Shredded

Pardon?  Yep.  That is what it came up with.   Shredded what?  Wheat?  Well I do hate Shredded Wheat as it happens for reasons best kept between my stomach and myself.   Shredded Paper?  Actually I quite like shredded paper.  Except when you put too many pages in the shredder and it gets jammed and you have to put it in reverse.  Or that time when I watched a colleague lean over the shredder and get his new Armani tie stuck in and almost choke to death as the machine pulled it and him into it’s claws.  We all sat around pis laughing really hard before realising we should actually unplug it.

So I think this topic needs a tad more explanation.

4.  Thoughts on Weightlifing

This won’t take long.   I hate it.  I think it is pointless.  Woohoo, you can lift a bar with two heavy weights on the end.  Big deal.

I would be much more impressed if you could show me how you lift a toddler, a baby, two heavy bags of shopping, a bag of dog food, a six pack of diet Coke, a 48 pack of nappies and your house keys so you can open the door without putting anything down.   Now THAT is worthy of a gold medal.

5.  9 Things you Like about Mickey Rooney

Who?  Mickey Mouse?  Or Wayne Rooney?  Imagine if they had a love child…..

Actually, this isn’t far off:

You can see it, can’t you?

So I think I will leave random generators alone and come up with my own inspiration from now on.


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  • Those idea generators are pretty lame, aren’t they? Mostly, blog posts about philosophical matters result from spending time thinking about philosophical things, I think. Otherwise, it’s a little like trying to imagine a future Utopia while walking around Basingstoke town centre. Alternatively, stuff happens and you see it through a philosophical lens, then write about that. I agree that the weightlifting feat involving the toddler and the shopping is easily the most impressive. 🙂