Is Buying a Second Hand Car a Smarter Option?

Most people get very double-minded in choosing between a brand new car versus a pre-loved one. If you are not on a budget and can afford whatever you like, then going for a brand new car is most definitely your best pick. But most of us are on a budget and there is no shame in that. For all such people, going for a second hand can be a smarter choice. Beyond budget here are our top 3 reasons why this is a wise choice.

Wider Pool of Choice

When you go for a brand new car your options get narrowed down to just 2 or 3 cars that fall in your budget. But when you open yourself to the second hand car market, the pool immediately widens. On top of that within the same budget you can now afford a better model and a better make. If you were looking to buy a brand new SUV in your budget then you can most definitely opt for a prestigious saloon or an SUV in the used car market.

Better Value for Money

The value of a brand new car falls by a ton of bucks as soon as you drive it off the showroom porch and to top that the depreciation of a brand new car in its first year is the highest. This means that at the end of the first year, your 1 year old car will in value drop by about 25 ~ 30% which is huge. An advice here would be to opt for a car that is just a year old or at max 2 years old, the prices and the models that you can sometimes get for such pre-owned cars are a steal.

Environmental Friendly

As responsible citizens of this planet, it is only fair that we make our contribution for the conservation of it. Re-using resources helps in slowing the exponential depletion of our limited resources. Making greener choices is the only way we can ensure that our future generations will not be deprived of the comforts and luxuries that we had access to.

The biggest fear that most people including myself have when it comes to buying second hand cars is that one feels unsure of investing such a huge amount in something and then ending up getting a car that is accidental, or has genuine parts removed or is so worn that it breaks down every now and then. But the perfect solution to this problem is to never buy from individual sellers. Instead go for genuine, credible used car dealerships. They sell pre-inspected used cars and provide you with 100% authentic car history so you know what you are paying for. Also, they sell cars with warranty so you know in case you have a car problem who you have to turn to. KAP Motors is one such credible car dealership that offers used cars with warranties and also provides easy financial plans to make purchasing a car more accessible. You can buy used Nissan Cars with 100% authentic parts from KAP Motors.

Buying a car is an investment and one that we don’t make every other day. So choose your option wisely.

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