It’s my birthday. It’s my birthday

So the great day has arrived.   Today MummyBarrow is one year old.   <sigh>

And I thought I would do a bit of a Chairman’s letter and a bit of a beg.

See that square over there:  The one that looks like this?
Well that is a lovely invitation for you to vote for me in the BiBs (again, no it is not Best in Breed).   I am in the first category.  Number 17 as it is alphabetical.   Could you please vote for me?  I would love you forever and maybe even send you cake.

I read about these blogging award ceremonies last summer and never in a million years thought I would be on lists of nominations.  It is quite shocking actually.

I am also nominated for a MAD (no surprise there, hey if it really did mean just that) Award.  Maybe you might feel like voting for me in that one too.Again, another complete shock.   I am on the long list for this and it is quite some list.  I haven’t got a snowball in hell’s chance of making the short list but hey, the vote is free 🙂   And again, you might just get cake.

You will also know that I am now working with Give As you Live and Britmums to promote the Mums4Good Campaign.   I even made it as Guest Blogger on the Give As You Live blog this week.    Something that is my proudest blogging achievement over the past year.   And will probably be my proudest blog moment ever.

That post sums up better than I can just what it is we are doing.   Having read that please can you sign up to my campaign here:  Mummy Barrow’s Campaign.    In a nutshell:   Go there.  Sign up.  Shop.   Your charity gets a percentage.   Easy as that.

And on a more somber note you may have noticed my little face on a regional newspaper reporting the sad death of Claire Squires.   The Harborough Mail read my blog post and asked if they could use my image.  How could I refuse.

Sort of puts things into perspective doesn’t it.  Makes you realise that life is precious.

Please go and hug somebody and tell them how precious they are to you.

And when you have done that, come back and have some cake.


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  • Already voted for the BiBs and found lots of new great blogs to read on the shortlist too!
    Will go and look at the Mads but as I spent several hours in blogland thanks to the BiB list, I may need that cake to keep me going!

    • So I’ve clicked on the MAD link and it takes me to a page to nominate not vote. Am I missing something or are they not at the vote stage yet? Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!