It’s the insignificant things

Insignificant things

I saw this picture on a friend’s Facebook wall this morning and had a lovely few minutes as I scrolled through what people had said (the friend by the way is Zoe who runs Saying Goodbye, if you don’t know the charity do look them here:  Saying Goodbye  They do the most extraordinary work)

My response on Zoe’s thread was that I only like eating whole peanuts.   I don’t like eating the halves.   And then as I stared out of the window I started thing about the other insignificant things about me.   And wondering what yours might be.

So here are another eight from me, I would love to hear yours

I love the smell of coffee but I don’t really drink it

When I go into a loo where all the cubicles are empty I always have to go to the furthest away from the door

I am scared of the dark

I am still convinced the bogey man lives under my bed. 

I don’t know my eight times table.

I once walked out of a bank with a million dollars in a briefcase 

I have never pulled a pint

If I had been born a boy I would have been called Stephen

What are the little insignificant things about you that make you who  you are?

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  • Ahh! This made me smile….
    If I was born a boy I would have been a Stephen too. and I don’t know my 9 times table. and I know the bogey man lives under my bed…I still run and jump into bed. lol
    I can’t spell disappointed or definitely and have to Google them every time I use them.