Keys to the wine store


Who me? Wine? Ah yes....
Who me? Wine? Ah yes….

So, T has this theory that staying in is the new going out, what with money being a bit tighter than it has been, with all the weirdos out there and the unfortunate lose-your-licence-if-you-drink-and-drive thing. By the way,talking of weirdos, have you seen the young people of today? They must have a highly developed sense of smell, as that’s the only thing that they can be using to navigate. Heads down, looking at the screen, earphones in. They’ve not got many senses left!

Anyway, staying in vs going out. We (I) like to drink a bit of wine. I know this is news to you lot, being teetotal as you are but some people drink wine.

And we were supposed to keep this particular bottle until Valentine’s Day, when we would curl up together on the sofa.

So, safe to say I’m probably in trouble when Herself reads this in Kenya (Comic Relief, #LastingChange don’t you know?) but I think I have an ace up my sleeve.

This is a Ned Pinot Noir from 2013, and is perfect with game, such as duck or venison, and goes particularly well if that dish is accompanied by a berry sauce.

Yes, this bottle of wine (not just any old wine, but “smoke-led presence” wine…lah-di-dah!) was sent to us to enjoy, but I’ve found out that I can replace it at one of those magnificent high street wine warehouse places for about a tenner so if no-one tells Mrs B, I should be fine.

Unctuous cherry, cassis, cedar, blackberry, black tar and smoke-led presence. Tight and focused with a deep concentration of flavours framed by firm tannins

No seriously, it really is rather nice and at £14.99 (if you buy 3 you get them for £9.99) then I think it’s pretty good value.

I know £10 is quite a lot to spend on something that you could a) drop on the kitchen floor or b) drink in ten minutes but you could do a lot worse, believe me.

It’s gone very nicely with Tacos (last night) and with pasta and pizza (tonight – yes, I know. The diet starts next week). I was driving, ok, and I don’t like to stop7 once I’m on the road….?

…and you really shouldn’t drink it in ten minutes – it’s too nice for that.

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