Knicker perfume

That got your attention, didn’t it?

And I kid you not, my friends.   Knicker perfume is here.

I read on Get Lippie’s blog this week that Guerlain is about to launch “Eau de lingerie”.

Now my first thought was “Why on earth would you want to smell like old pants?”

And then my second thought was “Is this an April Fools joke?” before remembering it was January.

So it would appear that this new product is indeed being launched in time for Valentine’s Day.   The idea is to make your under garments smell fabulous.   To spray it over your “intimates” which are closest to your skin.

Apparently,  it is not then so that you yourself can smell of old pants and a bra that has lost its elastic and gone a bit grey in the wash.

The blurb on Fragantica says the scent  promises us

 a floral, powdery and musky scent. It contains notes of iris, rose, vanilla, sandalwood, white musk and ambrette.

Hmmm.  Is it going to be able to escape through my four layers on top of it?  Or is it just going to give me a nasty rash?

And won’t that clash with my other daily squirts of perfume?

And  when Mr B suddenly walks out of the bathroom and says “mmmm your pants smell lovely” I am going to want to run away and file for divorce, surely?

Nope sorry, turning my nose up at this one (did you see what I did there?) and not just because it is £50 a bottle.

Pants indeed if you ask me.




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  • Ew that bottle makes it look like their target market is old ladies with pants that smell of scampy flavour fries. Don’t mock that – they smell of old gusset!

  • Worse still if you sprayed your oldest and raggiest undies…POOH! ….and to the price too 🙂

  • Whatever happened to having nice smelling soap in your drawer so all your clothes smelled nice?
    Why on earth would you want to make your knickers smell of anything other than clean??
    I think I’ll stick to the faint scent that our washing powder leaves behind… I will, however, if I see it in the shops, have a whiff of it and report back….! 🙂

  • I am very glad….not to see a post from MrB Snr on this post. Nothing personal, just felt it might be a tad…awkward