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I don’t mean buying last minute Christmas presents, I mean buying things, wrapping them and shoving them under the tree just in case you need a present at the last minute.

For the past couple of years we have either been invited to a party at the last minute (often drinks on Christmas Eve) or friends have dropped by to hand over gifts to us.   And invariably I have been so disorganised I have completely forgotten to buy something for them.  I find it really embarrassing when that happens, I don’t usually mumble something and make it look completely obvious I am fluffing my oversight rather than just graciously accepting their gift and styling it out.

For the past couple of years I have bought a couple of extra presents wrapped them, added a tag saying “with love from all of us” and then when the invite lands or there is a knock at the door I can look like I have spent hours planning.

If it doesn’t happen then I congratulate myself on my forethought and give the present to myself or keep it in the spare bedroom ready to whip out for a birthday present later in the year.

Here are some suggestions, given that you don’t really want to spend too much and it needs to be relatively generic (oh and I use red wrapping paper for more girlie gifts and blue or white for boys then I know, since they tag doesn’t have a name on it.  No man really wants a hand cream set).

Unicorns are everywhere at the moment and so who doesn’t love them?  This is ideal for adults, or children and is just under £13.

Who wouldn’t love the idea of being able to have a hot stone massage at home?  This kit that comes complete with incense and a little candle is just under £18.

Suitable for either men or women (or as a family gift) I love this gift and have given it to several people as one of their main presents (this year I am giving my uncle and his American wife and children kits that give them a postage stamp area of land in Scotland and the right to name themselves Laird or Lady, but last year they all got star naming kits).   Just under £12 for this one

Or how about a map that allows you to scratch off the countries or cities you have visited?  A steal at a tenner and would make a great talking point.

And finally how cute is this?  A heatable owl, for just £12.      This will be the last thing handed out because I really want to keep this for myself.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration for a last minute gift that alleviates just a bit of the stress at this time of year!

All gifts available from Find Me A Gift and prices correct at time of publishing

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