Life’s too short to dust a smelly candle

2014 and I have decided that life is too short to dust a smelly candle

Happy New Year and all that shizzle.   Did you have a good one?  This is my first post in 2014, eek.   A whole new blog year ahead of me.  Have you noticed this is my best joined up handwriting?

Anyway I don’t do resolutions.  I don’t even do New Year’s Eve.   It feels like setting myself up to fail, or relying on others to do something that might not happen either.  I prefer to just let it all pass me by generally, sort of hibernate on December 30th and reappear on about ….. well around about now.

Except this year I have decide to try and be a bit more positive.  Build on my philosophy of living each day and believing that this is not a dress rehearsal.   Hence the title above.

You see I love smelly candles, big ones, small ones.  Ones in tins, ones in glasses.  Even vegan candles even though I am not even a veggie.   You might even say I collect them.   That picture above is the current collection on my desk.    Nine of them.  Two have been lit, but the others?  The posh ones?  No chance.   You don’t light posh candles.  Don’t be silly.    You … um…. collect them.   And dust them.

Yeah, okay now you say it out loud it does seem a bit bonkers.

I actually read a story once, or heard it on the radio, I don’t remember which, about a lady who had been diagnosed with breast cancer and she resolved to start living her life to the full.  She didn’t want to focus on the negatives, she wanted to concentrate on the positives.

The first thing she did was light a smelly candle from her huge collection.  She did what I do.   Buy them, get them as presents (which I love, the one from the White Company I got this Christmas from J is heavenly) and then stare at them.   And dust them on a monthly basis.

Having got her diagnosis and resolving to change the way she looked at things she decided to light her posh candles.  Burn them.  Use them as they should be used.   Enjoy them.  Not just looking at them but watching the flame flicker.   Walking back into the room and getting a nose full of the aroma.

It made her feel more alive.  After all, who gets any pleasure from dusting?  It is the same with good wine.   My dad has a theory that wine is made to be drunk, not put in a cellar and “kept for a special occasion”.    Over Christmas we had some extraordinary wines thanks to the collection my folks have.   One bottle cost more than my daughter’s car.  We felt as though we were not worthy “it’s only to drink with the Christmas pudding, dad”.    But it isn’t.  Wine is for drinking, enjoying, creating a memory.   A bottle of fizz for no reason other than it is Friday night tastes so much better and is more memorable than the one you have for a celebration, doesnt it?

So from now on, with candles, I am  going to do the same.   After all life is too short to dust a smelly candle

Or stuff mushrooms.

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  • LOVE THIS! And so true. My favourite candle is the one I never light, so I don’t “waste it”. Not anymore baby! No more wax dusting in this house! I might even be crazy & combine it with some of my “for best” underwear! Thanks for reminding me to LIVE IT! X

  • I can’t promise I’ll burn the ones I got for my wedding (the first one), but I’ll definitely light the ones in the bathroom, bedroom, spare room…

    You get the idea :o)

  • Love this! I am like this with quite a few things, not any more. I have realised that life is for living and after last year, I am going to live it.

  • Too true, too true. It reminds me of the days people used to keep the plastic delivery covers on their car seats so that they would not spoil the leather for when they sold the car on…………….or the blankets on the sofas to stop them getting scuffed.
    Carpe Diem I say………..

  • So true – candles are definitely for burning, the smelly ones at least. I’m not sur I could bring myself to light the one in a shape of a boat that was my 18th birthday present, but I’ll get there. I’ve just got to start with baby steps!

  • I agree with your Dad’s theory about wine, but my husband will put some good bottles away for years. There are some he thinks are not to be even opened at all, just looked at WHAAAAAAAAT?! Candles on the other hand, we don’t have a problem lighting 🙂

  • I agree with it all – except one thing!!!
    I do love a good stuffed mushroom! 🙂
    Big love to you all for 2014 x

  • I used to be like this. Had so many unlit expensive candles. When my son was born with his life limited condition I realised we had to start “living life”. Now they never last long so I have to make my own all the time to re fill them. The house smells at it’s best when making a batch of candles for us and gifts.. Having said that, as I only light them once kids in bed I haven’t had so much time this year, so hoping to have a better routine and start burning more this year! 🙂 You’ve started a revolution Tanya, first women burn their bras…now their candles! 😉 Happy new Year to you and yours!


  • hells yeah! I used to collect smelly candles without lighting them but last year I just thought sod it, and my life has been so much better! Nothing i love more than the smell and sight of a posh candle burning away – something that used to quite frankly scare me! and then you get to get even more of them 🙂

  • Enjoy those candles lovely…but never forget that they are dangerous! Darling daughter managed to set fire to her window sill on Boxing Day! Here’s to having good things and using them. Happy New Year x

  • Enjoy your candles – and are you avoiding stuffed mushrooms now or getting someone else to stuff them?

  • You know you can clean up a grungy candle by pouring boiling water from the kettle over is? Much easier than dusting! But I agree, burn em baby!

  • It wouldn’t occur to mean to dust a candle. Does that make me really messy? Then again I don’t have candles because I have left them burning too many times and nearly burnt the house down.

  • Our smelly candles ending up going to the school tombola as in a previous life I used to have to sniff them for a living and it put me right off! Oh, life’s too short to stuff a cherry tomato too xxx

  • Too right! I burn my smelly candles, wear my fancy undies any day of the week, just because, drink the wine and love it all 🙂 My Gran was killed in a car crash, out of the blue, many years ago, when I was a student, and pretty much from that day on I’ve been all about the Carpe Diem. Enjoy! I’ve also got a French husband who is more than happy to stuff mushrooms, so winner 🙂

  • Oh I was one of those people who collected smelly candles in my early 20’s.But saving on the electricity bills meant they had to be burnt.I hope you have a very nice smelling new year.

  • You are absolutely right and funny enough, I have started lighting my candles a while ago. I was sick of them all sitting on shelves and I find lighting them really lifts my mood as well.

  • Yep, definitely light the smelly candles, in fact I did light one last night but then I also stuffed mushrooms yesterday too! (very nice they were). Happy New Year T. Mich x

  • Yup I have been guilty of not lighting fancy candles in the past -after all who sets fire to something that cost over £20?! Well now I do! It’s like cleaning the kitchen draining board before bed – that’s a pain in the bum but walking in to the kitchen in the morning to a clean and shiny draining board is a damn fine start to the day.
    Ok I sound mental now…

  • I love this because it’s so true!

    However, I’ve just had a similar argument with my husband who just tried to use our new bathroom towel to dry his hands! Clearly nice new towels are completely different and they are just for display aren’t they?

  • Yes it took me a while to realise this “not using something” is a waste too…..

  • Really, really love this – so true – and if they get used we can buy more 😉 xx