Living Arrows, Week 11

In all honesty I dont know where the time is going at the moment, I feel a bit discombobulated and as though I can’t really focus and concentrate on anything. We had the laziest of weekends though, reading, eating, celebrating the life of a man who sadly passed away the week before, and generally not doing an awful lot. I am really going to miss lazy weekends this summer. Yes, I know we will be busy, making up for lost time, wanting to see the friends we have missed, hugging our family, eating chips by the sea etc but I know I will long for the lazy days when we couldn’t do much beyond eating our own body weight in cheese.

I got to spend extra time with Lily last week as Mum had a job interview so asked if I would look after Lily for her so she could concentrate on the Zoom. Turns out it wasn’t a second interview but actually the company wanting to offer her the job face to face. Sort of. Oh and would it be possible for the start date to be next week! Much excitement, much “gosh how do we finalise all of this in just a few days?”, and with her parents typical determination it was all sorted in just a couple of hours.

Which means that Nanny Daycare officially starts every Tuesday from next week. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be given the privilege of a whole day once a week, just the two of us, exploring local attractions and parks, and making plans to hang out with the rest of the family. Especially now I have managed to find a car seat. If you follow me on social media you will have seen that I was having a nightmare trying to find a car seat for my convertible Mini (a totally impractical car, I grant you but I love it so didn’t really want to get rid of it but I have to say it was on the cards at one point). There is blog post in all of this I am sure. Adds writing a blog post about buying a car seat for a Mini, to her to do list

Lily now loves nothing more than doing circuits around our huge coffee table in the lounge, it is her favourite past time when she is here. Though she is likely to get distracted by the remote control; what is it with toddlers wanting to play with things that aren’t toys, despite having a whole pile of them within reach?! I can’t really believe I am referring to Lily as a toddler, or that she is now 10 months old. Where has the last ten months gone? And where will be in 10 months time as she approaches her second birthday?

I had a go at making some pinwheels with cheese and ham in them for lunch, and they seem to have gone down a bit of a storm. And remind me of how much fun I always found cooking with my kids, chairs being dragged to stand on, little aprons, flour and mess EVERYWHERE.

Bring it on

Living Arrows

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  • Aww Nanny Daycare every week! That’s the best! I can see you’re an amazing role model for her. Also, I’m totally with you on the not being able to focus or concentrate on anything at the moment – I dont know what it is, but it sure is irritating!

  • Aww, how lovely that you’re going to get to spend even more time with her. And I love that first picture – you can’t beat a baby in a box! #LivingArrows

  • Kids do love to play with things that aren’t toys! At the minute my 3 year old is obsessed with a carboard box- she won’t go in her bedroom without laying it across the doorway as a ‘bridge’. I’m sure Nanny Daycare will be so much fun!