Living Arrows, week 4

It is funny because in my head when I think back to the week before I tend to shrug my shoulders and think “pffft nothing happened, we didn’t go anywhere and we didn’t do anything”. Then I look through my camera roll and realise that whilst we didn’t really go anywhere we did still do stuff, of sorts. Walked to feed the ducks on our nearby canal, ate something different for dinner every night, watched some great TV, Zoomed with our family, and had snow! Watched Lily chomping her way through a cucumber snack. It is amazing to think that now at just eight months Lily has tried all the known allergens, except for shellfish.

I am fascinated to see how weaning has changed since I did it 20+ years ago. Baby led weaning was very much not the norm, and food was pureed at home, or produced from little jars or packets before being fed off a spoon. The idea of starting a baby’s weaning journey off by giving them small amounts of our dinner, either chopped up into small pieces or in slices they can hold would have horrified us.

I have lost count of the times I have had to stop myself saying “well that isn’t how we did it when you were little….” Just one of the many reasons I adore being a grandma!

Snow, we had snow this week, and for just a day it felt like nothing else mattered, that there was nothing else going on except for snow. It was glorious. My social media feeds were filled with snowy pics and Bruce got me in the back of the head with a snowball fired from the back door as I tried to take an arty shot of the bird house covered in snow. And very proud of himself he was too.

We only got to hang out with Lily a couple of times this week but I cherish every second of them because they boost me for the coming week and I know that it’s a privilege not many are able to have at the moment. Caity shared the above pic in our family WhatsApp group after Lily had been out in the snow for the first time and whilst this photo is a smiley one the others very much convey a sense of “what the hell is happening?”

Something I think we can all relate to at the moment.

Living Arrows

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  • I did puree weaning with my first two and then baby led with the last two. I loved the blw method the most, although puree is always handy when you’re in a rush! #livingarrows

  • This made me smile. When Athena was born, in 2011, Baby Led Weaning wasn’t the norm either – and it’s what inspired me to start my blog, to document our BLW journey and inspire others. Now, I’m amazed anyone weans any other way, I loved BLWing so much.

    I love that she got her first snow experience too! x

  • I loved doing baby led weaning, Iris was eating everything by 8 months- she loved a curry. Now she’s 3 though and can make her own mind up and pretty much turns her nose up at everything except chicken nuggets fun times!

    Katrina x