Luke’s memorial cricket match

Every year one of Mr B’s oldest friends, Rupe, (met at uni 30 years ago and part of the crowd in this blog post about memories from Germany “old”) hosts Luke’s Memorial Cricket Match a cricket match in memory of his son Luke, who died suddenly a few years ago aged 12.   Held on Luke’s birthday it’s a “lads vs dads match” and the day also raises money for Great Ormond Street and ends with a barbecue.  It is the perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.

This is the first time I have taken photos of the day and I thought it would be fun to share them all so those who attended can grab any they might like to keep.  Just right click on them and download them, or drop me a message if you would like the originals.

I warn you now though, there are 80 of them!

It was a really close match this year, but once again the lads were worthy winners.







Luke’s memorial cricket match really is the loveliest of days.  The perfect way for Luke’s friends, and his family’s friends, to all come together and honour his memory,  whilst also raising money for a very worthy cause.

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  • Great day, beautifully captured, Tanya – thanks for documenting it. I infer from the photo evidence that Phil was man of the match for his batting and the cakes provided the ‘champagne moment’!

    • Thanks Jonnie. Is that what Phil was indicating? As I am not a cricket aficionado I had no idea, I thought he was imitating a London tour guide holding aloft a flag or umbrella, in case the team didn’t know the way back to the clubhouse.

  • so sad! What really happend with him? BTW cricket is my husband’s favorite sports and he loves cricket. He recently watched the cricket world cup 2019 which won by Eng.

    • Hi Mary. Thanks for your comment. It is not my place to discuss Luke’s death, that is something that is personal to his family and not for me to post about here.