My favourite luxury Advent Calendars

Technically I am not allowed to mention Christmas at home until after Ellie’s birthday tomorrow, 16th November.   But this post is not being written at home, it is being written at my inlaw’s house so I am not actually mentioning Christmas at home and therefore, well I think I get away with it, don’t you?

Do you remember when advent calendars were a single flimsy piece of cardboard and very definitely for children?  That depicted the nativity and nothing else.   And if you were posh yours had glitter had on it.    Every picture behind the window was related to Christmas and slowly you got more and more excited as you built up your 24 festive pics.    And increasingly annoyed as you couldn’t find the right number so would sometimes open them out of sequence just to be rebellious?

No chocolate

No gifts

No Elsa from Frozen.

Did you see the reports in the papers this week of a shop being cleared of Frozen related Christmas merchandise in ten minutes?!  Madness I tell you.

Well in the past week or two I have come across some amazing advent calendars, that clearly have nothing to do with Christmas particularly but that if money were no object I would be scooping up:

Firstly this one, it might be my favourite advent calendar of all time, but then I am a huge fan of Jo Malone.  At £250 though this is the mothership of all advent calendars.   In each drawer is a little Jo Malone goodie:


A similar idea to this with a gift behind each door is the one from Liberty that is cheaper but still comes in at a whopping £145


If you want one that doesn’t have a beauty theme to it how about one with a gin theme?  On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me:  mother’s ruin.

I can think of a few people I would love to get this one for if it wasn’t a £100:


This one though is right up my alley and at 20 Euro with money going to a German charity I love it.  Tea’s the season to be jolly:

tea house

And as no self respecting advent calendar these days is without chocolate, how about this beauty for just a tenner?


And if you happen to win the Euro Millions between now and December 1st, how about this one from Wedgewood at an eye watering £12,000.   It includes 24 porcelain ornaments but how much?!!!!!.


I admit this last one is truly stunning but twelve grand?

None of these really scream nativity though do they?  Yes they count down the advent period but they don’t really show the true meaning of Christmas.   Maybe that isnt important anymore.  Is it to you?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  • 12 grand for a calendar!??? That’s bonkers!! Is the world going mad? What’s wrong with spend a couple of quid and buying one from a supermarket