Micro Scooters and the humble apology

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about a nonsense survey commissioned by Micro Scooters who wanted to find out how stressful the school run was.   I basically said the survey was all made up.

I scoffed.

I mocked.

I basically took the piss.   Sorry to swear but I don’t know how else to say it.

And then two days later I got a tweet from Sara at the PR company saying “Hello. Would you like to try one out?”

I actually covered my face with a cushion and screamed.   And blushed and looked at my feet and tried to shrink into the sofa.   Mortified springs to mind.

But Sara was lovely and said we could have a couple to try out and to see if they might alleviate some of the stress in our life.

How could I refuse such a fabulous offer?  Two days later, two of them duly arrived.   One a child’s size scooter, and one for adults!  I didn’t know adult sized Microscooters even existed!!

We gave the child sized one to our friends, the Saunders, as we though their sons H and G would enjoy it.   And by the looks of it they certainly did.   First sunny day and H was off.

Adjustable handlebars mean that it can be made just the right height.   And the wide foot board means that it is incredibly stable, even if you are only small.

If you are a slightly bigger kid you can still have fun:

At various points of this week either E or J have been whizzing around the house on this MicroScooter, having a ball.   Last night, at around 11.30pm E was scooting round the kitchen table whilst her friends watched her over Skype from her laptop on the kitchen table.   Like it was the most natural thing in the world.

It’s a real shame that E’s school run is a 26 mile round trip and J’s is 60 because otherwise I would seriously be considering using one of these and sending them off with a good shove every morning.

We have had such fun on these, I don’t know if they have alleviated any of my daily stress levels, but honestly we have had a real giggle with them.

I might even go so far as to say that I recommend them 100%.

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  • Scooters are cool, micro scooters are uber cool. E has one and although you can buy a scooter for much less than what we paid for her treasured pink Micro Scooter they are not a good. I will be forcing her to do the school run on hers (ok so we only live about 300 yards form the school)
    Welcome to the world of scooter love

  • My son has one of these and he loves it, it is wonderful. I would agree that these are definitely the best brand for younger ones (he’s three and has one of the three wheeled ones). He’s not old enough for a school run yet, although I’m not sure it would make it less stressful as he does have a tendency to zip off on it and I think it would be difficult to keep up with him!