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Mistakes to avoid when selling your home



There are a lot of smart steps that you can take when selling a home, but unfortunately there are also plenty of pitfalls. We’ve probably all heard or seen homes that should sell within a matter of weeks, but sit stagnant for months before the seller either gives up or makes a single decision that leads to a quick sale. Here is a small list of the mistakes that sellers make when putting their home on the market – don’t be one of them.

Selling it unprepared

Moving is one of the most stressful times we face, and if you’re not prepared for it it can consume your life. You’ll have a huge number of forms to fill in and you’ll be showing people around your home. You might end up paying two mortgages at once for some period of time, or conversely you may be stuck with no home when one is sold and your new home/rent situation has not been resolved. Are you aware of the legalities around house sales – such as these? Are you really ready to go, and prepared for the upheaval?

Selling the home in a bad state

The famous saying of ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ also applies to homes and rooms. What may appear quaint and traditional to you might look old and messy to the potential buyer. The ‘subtle shades of green and cream’ in your bathroom might resemble a buyer’s worst nightmare. Also, did you ever get round to making all the repairs that were needed in the home, such as replacing broken windows and dodgy taps? Putting the home on the market in a less-than-perfect state is asking for problems.

Selling it at the wrong time

Putting the home on the market in summer or winter is problematic; as the HomeOwners Alliance states, they’re the two busiest times of the year and people have other priorities. Placing your home on the market earlier or later might result in a much quicker sale, and cut down on that ‘limbo’ time between homes.

An unrealistic price

The tools to research house prices in your area are easy to find and easy to use. Once you’re aware of the asking prices and final sales of similar homes nearby, and how they have changed in recent years, you can make an informed choice. An online agent will also give you a well-researched valuation before you reach a final decision.

Getting the wrong agent

Trust your gut instinct on this one, because it’s a decision that results in a lot of wasted time and money. Look for reviews and, if necessary, seek out people who have used the agent before to get a proper, unbiased view of the agent. If it’s an online company, give them a call rather than diving in purely on the basis of working through email correspondence. However, as freshome.com points out, there‘s no room for loyalty in this game – just because you might personally know an agent, doesn’t mean you definitely have to use them.


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