Getting out and about with a mobility scooter

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Getting older is something that, sadly, happens to us all.   And with that comes the realisation that getting out and about is no longer just a case of grabbing the car keys and heading off for the day, or indeed to pick up a pint of milk from the shop at the end of the road.

For those living on their own that can then make life harder, isolating and frustrating that where once there was a sense of independence, now there is none.   Our bodies no longer being able to help us do the tasks we once wanted to so easily has to be one of the most frustrating things about getting older.   Having to rely on other people for that pint of milk would be another one.

I know for a fact that my granny found it very hard when she had to ask a carer to go across the road to the shops for her to post a letter or do the lottery for her.   One of the reasons we bought the bungalow for her to live in when she moved down from Lancashire was its proximity to the shops so it was really annoying for her when she could see the shops a few years later but not feel confident enough to walk over to them.   She hated asking for help and would often refer to herself as a “silly old woman” when she had to ask for help.

How different things might have been if we had been able to persuade her to get a mobility scooter.  She always felt they were the size of a car and therefore would fill the pathway outside her house, not realising of course that they really aren’t. And that you can, in fact, get portable ones that collapse.   So we could have stored it in the spare bedroom for her or put it in the back of the car and taken it with us when we went away for the weekend with her.

The sense of freedom would have been huge.   The feeling of independence, immense.  She would no longer have been reliant on us for that pint of milk and instead of calling herself a silly old woman she would have been shouting “see you later everyone” as she shot off down the path!

Image of a mobility scooter courtesy of Shutterstock

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