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It seems strange that it was only a couple of years ago that I had never tried a G&T.  That when I then did I was a bit “hmm no thanks, I don’t like it”.   Yet now here I am launching my gin club.

What I then came to realise, only recently, was that it isn’t gin I didn’t like, but tonic.   And since that lightbulb moment I have taken a real shine to gin and have loved discovering just how different they all are.  From either being a traditional London Dry Gin to being infused with extra ingredients.  Or made in small batches.   Even why they are named as they are.  Every bottle tells a story.

So now I have started to collect gin as somebody might collect fridge magnets.  Whenever we go away for the weekend somewhere new I hunt out a local gin.   No longer is my gin drinking just about the flavour it is also about remembering where I bought the bottle from.    Either because the gin is local to the place we are staying or because it is an usual one that we haven’t seen before and having bought it I will forever remember the shop and the day we bought it.

Much like the memories you have when you see a fridge magnet.

A chance trip to Newbury for the day for instance introduced me to breakfast gin, a bar in Deal that had over 150, the gin we saw being distilled in Northampton by two friends passionate about what they do.    All memories that will come back to me each time I sit down with a large glass.

It was during a drink in that bar in Deal that I started to describe to Mr B what the flavours conjured, and then starting taking the piss out of their own website description that Mr B said “you should blog that”.    So here we are.   My Gin Club has been born.     Probably monthly but if I see something I love and can’t wait I will share more often, or if I am busy doing other things, it might be less frequent.

Gins, gin recipes, mixers, subscription boxes, you name it, I am going to try them out and then let you know what I think.   So if you come across something, please do let me know so I can hunt it down.


Photo of gin and tonic thanks to Shutterstock

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  • What a wonderful idea! I spent yesterday afternoon at 45 West distillery in the Leicestershire countryside for a friend’s hen do. They make Burleigh’s gin but also do group bookings where you can distill your own. It was a great way to spend an afternoon, I highly recommend it.

    • ooh I might have to go and have a look at that then! I went to the Bombay Sapphire distillery a few months ago and that was really interesting. Have you been to Warner Edwards in Northamptonshire, or tried theirs? The rhubarb gin is gorgeous.