Niki’s Balms — a review

Niki’s Balms


There is a great thing on Twitter where you suggest people that you follow to your other followers who may not have heard of them.  It’s called Follow Friday or #ffs (when I was wet behind the ears I thought that stood for For F*** Sake and was a list of the people that had annoyed you that week) I am digressing again.   It was through a #ff that I found @nikimcglynn.

Niki is a homeopath and a reflexologist who developed a balm to use on her reflexology clients.  Demand soon became so high that she started making it to sell from her clinic, and online.

I was suffering from awful exczema on my wrist last year and had resisted going to the doctor as I am generally not a great “tablet popper” and I knew they would just prescribe a steroid cream.   Niki saw one of my Tweets and said “try one of my balms”.   It was at that point that the penny dropped and I realised that Niki lived less than a minute from E’s school. “I will leave it on the front door mat for you if you want to collect it”.   Oh yes please!  And inside the bag were a couple of samples.  Tick in the “gives that little bit extra box” from me.

Not only does this balm smell fabulous but it works!  I left it on my desk and regularly slathered it all over my wrist throughout the day.

Three days later.  Eczema gone.

Just before Christmas I had the most horrendous cold.  Not flu but I felt dreadful.   Niki asked me a few questions about what my symptoms were and, importantly, weren’t and said “You could try some of these” and gave me some homeopathic remedies.   A handwritten list of what I should and shouldn’t do and how to take them.  Mr B’s turn to do the pick off the front door mat when he did the school run that afternoon.

Bingo.  Cold gone in 24 hours.

To last night when I was doing the mother of all ferrying of children, for what felt like all night.  In fact it was all night.  And at some points it was -6.    In between trips I was on Twitter and I asked “How many tubes of Deep Heat would I need to rub over my body to get vaguely warm?”.

Niki popped up and said “you need some of this:

rub it on your hands and toes, and even on your nose and you will feel warmer”.    So when I went back to school at 10pm there was a bag on the front door step for me, cash in an envelope through the letterbox from me and off I went.

Amazing stuff!  I rubbed it on my nose and in about five minutes felt that I might actually be thawing out.

The girls got in the car and said “ooh your car smells lovely”.  Now given it had been filled with PE kit and dog not three hours before I can only attribute that smell to this little pot.

I love what Niki does.   Really proactive on Twitter, happy to offer advice and doesn’t offer it “just to get a sale”.  She is genuinely passionate about what she does and by all account is damn good at it.

Please look at Niki’s website

Everything is organic and smells heavenly.  I have yet to visit Niki’s reflexology clinic but if you are looking for one I just know Niki’s will be fabulous.   Contact info is all on the above website.

You can buy Niki’s Balms direct from her website.

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  • Niki’s Organic Balms feature heavily in our house!
    We have the Orignal for cuts, sores, stings, blisters, massaging to name but a few.
    The Rose sits on my dressing table as my trusty moisturiser, and the Lavender keeps the night bighters away plus it’s my handcream!
    We are off skiing for half term and the Warming Balm will be coming with us!
    They are all fabulous natural products lovingly made

  • I used to swear by Lydia Pink’s “Medicinal Compound” [efficacious in every case!] Can’t get it any more – ‘elf & safety, guv.

  • I’m a fan of Badger Balms, so I’m happy to look into this product too. Thanks for posting!

    Ali x

  • Love your misunderstanding of Follow Friday on Twitter. Can imagine a few crossed wires with that one.