Mum what do you want for Christmas?

Mum what do you want for Christmas?

How many times have I heard that in the last week?

Lots.   That’s how many.  As my three teens and twenty somethings are all in full time work they are able to buy their own presents for other people now, and have a habit of spoiling us (I know, don’t hate me).   Last year one of the best things I got was a cashmere covered hot water bottle (I said don’t hate me) and various goodies from Jo Malone.

This year I have been ready with a list because I have to admit that previously I have done a “oh don’t worry about me” or been a bit vague, so this year I have put a bit of thought into it to make it a bit easier for anybody asking and come up with an actual list.

My main priority is relaxing.  Since giving up my full time job to focus on blogging I have realised just how stressed I was trying to juggle it all, and how much more relaxed things are now.    Though there is still some way to go and I really need to learn how to relax, which sounds odd I know.  But I don’t “need” to be at my desk at 8.30am anymore.  Or indeed sitting at it all day, I can take an hour out to go shopping or to meet a friend.  Hell I could even take a day off if I wanted to, and changing my mind set to remember that is going to take some time.

Which is why the following is my reply to “mum, what do you want for Christmas this year?”

A scented candle

You can never have too many of these to be honest.  I am such a huge fan of a good smelly candle that my standard response to any question about a gift is always “ooh  a smelly candle” and it is rare there isn’t one burning somewhere in the house.   I even wrote a post about my love of smelly candles a few years ago:  Life’s too short to dust a smelly candle and how we should use them when we buy them, not just “keep them for best”.   So any number of these would be lovely.

A yoga mat

If you know me, don’t laugh.  Now I have a bit more time on my hands, particularly in the mornings, I really want to start doing some yoga.  I am not ready to do this in public yet so a mat that I can roll out on the carpet in the spare bedroom would be great as I can then do it without worrying who is giggling at my downward facing dog.

A spa break

My eldest daughter’s fiance bought her and I a day at Champneys for Christmas last year which was gorgeous.  A day for the two of us to spend together being pampered, that we both loved.    Since there are also Champneys spa breaks where you can make use of all the facilities, book some extra treatments, and stay overnight I cannot imagine how relaxed I would be after a stay like that.   I think I might float home.

When we went before I could feel my shoulders visibly lowering from under my ears and my whole body relaxing.   We booked a couple of extra treatments (hello chocolate massage, it was amazing) and loved just going off to one of the quiet rooms for a snooze in the dark after lunch (a gorgeous healthy buffet).     If I had the money I would be doing one of these every month!

Handily Forest Mere is only down the road so I could disappear for the day and be home again the following morning before anybody really noticed.

A throw

I am a huge fan of curling up on the sofa with a big mug of tea and a book, but my feet always get cold (we have leather sofas so even in the summer they get cold).   I would love a really warm throw to curl up under just after Christmas, for an hour or two.   Though I might need to fight the dog for it

A hygge subscription box

Hygge is all about relaxing and there are a couple of different subscription boxes where every month a little dose of relaxation arrives on your doorstep.   If I can’t have a monthly spa break then this would have to do instead!

If you have any other ideas for how to be more relaxed (or how to persuade my family I need to go to Champneys on a monthly basis) do leave me a comment below!


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