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I was overjoyed when I was asked by Britmums if I would be an Ambassador for their #MumsForGood campaign recently and I have been dying to share this with you ever since.

This is a campaign to join Give As You Live, a fabulous website that facilitates a percentage of online spending you do to be donated to your chosen charity without it costing you anything.   We all have a charity we want to support, and we are all strapped for cash so have very little spare.  This way, the money we want to donate doesn’t come from our pockets, it comes from a retailer we use to buy the things we need.

The idea is simple.   You sign up, pick a charity (there are currently over 220,000 good causes signed up to chose from) and shop at one of the 1800 retailers (including most of the big high street names).

For every Pound you then spend online a donation BY THE RETAILER goes to YOUR CHARITY.  

It costs you NOTHING.  

Do you want to just read that paragraph again?

Go to my campaign page please.

Sign up by clicking on the “discover” button, using your email address and create an account.  Its all free.  And chose a charity you would like to support. I would love if you chose Victim Support but I am not asking you to do that, you can chose any charity you like.  Any cause that is close to your heart.   We all have one.

Now shop.    It is as simple as that.

To date Give As You Live has raised over £2,500,000 just by those small percentages.   And in an economic climate like the one we are currently in, and with charity funding down 50% this amount could be a real life safer to small charities.    As much as many of us would like to give £5 or £10 to charity on a regular basis, we just can’t.

This, however, means you could.

On average the percentage donated by a retailer is 2.5% but I have seen it as high as 7%.    Just think what that could earn a charity dear to your heart every time you do your shopping online.   Even your weekly shop in Tesco could be earning your charity money.   This isn’t just one off big purchases.  Or Christmas shopping.    This is the regular stuff.  Tesco / Amazon / John Lewis.   Even your home and contents insurance.  If you bought that with say Direct Line online, via Give As Your Live, your charity could get a percentage or a fixed sum of up to £30.   Sorry Meerkats but you aren’t getting anymore from me.

I am picking the right time to tell Mr B that if I buy my beloved Mulberry Handbag from John Lewis my charity will get £35.  Just like that.   £35.

What I would really like you to do is download Give as You Live.

Once downloaded this will then sit in the background of your web browser quietly minding its own business until you want to do some shopping online.  I have no idea how it works.   Trust me though, it does (and it is all secure) .

Every time you then shop on line with a shop you use regularly (as long as they have signed up to Give as You Live) the magic happens.  A little box will pop up and say “hello, do you want to donate money from this transaction”.   To which you will obviously click “yes”.  I mean, why wouldn’t you?  You click “yes” and it does the rest.

It shows you in a toolbar on the left hand side which retailer will give you the biggest percentage for your charity!!  E-florist are giving 7%.   So they would be the one to chose, go to them for your flower delivery, and your charity gets that 7% automatically.

I would love to get 100 “shoppers” to sign up and to raise £500 for Victim Support.  Could you help me do that?  Please.

I do need to point out that as an Ambassador I am being paid a fee for promoting this (it is only fair that you know that) but that is a set fee for a number of blog posts.  It is not a percentage of any target or commission based on the number of people that sign up.     That figure of 100 shoppers is purely my own target because raising £500 for Victim Support would just be amazing and the only other way to do it would be to run the London Marathon.

You know me.  You know that aint happening any time soon.


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  • Polly Gowers sounds like an amazing woman! I had never heard of Give as You Live, but as an online shopping devotee it seems such an easy peasy way to increase my charity giving that I am going to sign up today. Good luck with the campaign x

  • We’d love to start selling our products through this – any idea how we do that?

  • Had seen a few people mention this but didn’t really know what it was. Thanks, will have to go and sign up!

    • Thanks Kate. Please do. There are hundreds of good causes you can chose to support and it is easy to change if you want to support one for a while and then support another.

      By all means fire any questions at me on here, or on twitter @mummybarrow