My alternative Christmas wish list


It is around this time of year that people start to ask me what I might like for Christmas.    And since the big day is two months today I thought I would let you see my wish list for this year.

I generally draw a blank or come up with a list in my head of a load of luxury items that I would never dream of asking for because they are too expensive.

So over the past few months I have been compiling a list of things I would dearly like.  Things that cost little or no money and then nobody has to ask the question of what I would like, they can just read this post.

And maybe it will give you some ideas of what your family might be able to get for you too.

A lie in

A proper lie in.  Propped up on pillows drinking tea and reading as sunlight streams through clean windows.  In the full knowledge that the dog is walked, the washing machine is freshly loaded, the dishwasher is empty and the ironing is all done and hanging to air.   Breakfast has been eaten and cleared away and lunch is planned.   A plan that doesn’t involve me shopping, cooking or clearing away.

Not setting the alarm clock

I cannot remember the last time I woke up naturally without the alarm clock.  Even at weekends there is a reason I have to get up at at stupid O’clock.

Packing a bag and going away for a night

Literally just that.  Not having to work out what each child is doing and how they will get home from school etc.  Not booking dog into kennels and spending two hours on each trip to drop him off and pick him up.  Or filling the fridge for children at home.   Simply throwing a spare pair of pants and a toothbrush into a bag and walking out of the door.

A machine that pairs socks

I have a sock orphanage and I would like to reunite all the odd ones.   And then be able to stop odd socks occurring.

Self emptying waste paper baskets and bins

Just that.

Loo roll holders that re stock themselves

No more empty holders PLEASE.  I beg of you.




How about you?  What would be on your wish list?




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  • The early mornings are not an issue for me but, oh boy, I would treasure those other gifts! I miss the freedom to be spontaneous!

  • I would very much like one of those sock pairing machines if you find one. Other than that, for one day only I would love my home to look tidy and organised. I would like to invite people through my front door without the accompanying sentence “please don’t mind the mess we are just…(insert suitable excuse)”.

  • I would LOVE a whole weekend away from the family, no pressures, no phone calls, no school runs, no illness, no money worries……

  • As soon as I saw your list I thought ‘sleep’. I’ve asked Santa for that two years in a row and he still has yet to deliver 🙁 no sherry for him this year!