My apple punch recipe — AD

My apple punch recipe is a really simple non alcoholic drink, perfect a family get together (when we can have them again). 


I was asked a little while ago if I would like to work with Jazz Apples, providing them with a recipe that would be featured in their latest e-book.  I jumped at the chance!

Ten fellow bloggers were asked to submit their favourite recipes featuring Jazz Apples and these are now all included in the e-book that you can download for free.   There’s everything from apple muffins, an apple parfait, a crunchy coleslaw, nachos, cookies and flapjacks to a pork and apple casserole.  And there, nestled in amongst them, is my Apple Punch.

When I lived in the middle east in the early nineties this drink was a staple of every get together.   With a strict no alcohol rule ex pats embraced drinks and punches that made you forget they were mostly just fruit and water!  Then when I came back to the UK with two little ones and a third on the way I was still off alcohol so carried on making this one.

It really is refreshing and perfect for a long lazy summer drink that both adults and children will love.

PS did you know that the name Punch comes for Sanskrit and means five?  So typically a punch would have five ingredients.   Which is why there are five ingredients in the apple punch recipe, including ice: apples, mint, sparking water and tea.

Do let me know if you give it a go this summer!

And if you want to see all the other recipes do check out the Jazz Apple e-book here


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