My fund raising challenge for Comic Relief

In yesterday’s post about the big Team Honk Challenge announcement I mentioned that there was another way to get involved with fund raising for Comic Relief and that I was doing something of my own.

Yes, in a moment of madness (there must have been wine involved) I suggested that as Red Nose Day is celebrating 25 years I would cycle 25 miles as it was also 25 years since I had really ridden a bike.   Talk about doing something funny for money.

No doubt other Team Honk members will feel the need to “pimp” my bike.   And no doubt me.   There is also talk of me doing it whilst wearing 25 pairs of pants.

Having seen the huge difference all the donations make to people’s lives in the UK and Africa I am really fired up for this challenge now, even if it will mean I will probably not be able to walk for a month.

If you would like to sponsor me then my sponsorship page is here: 

Mummy Barrow”s Cycle Ride . 

And if you do I will adore you forever more.

More than that though (I know, what on earth could be better than me loving you forever) Team Honk would like YOU to get involved.

We have also set up a Team Honk Team page so you can become a team member and join in with any fund raising idea of your own.

You can set your own target and do your own mini challenge as part of Team Honk.     We have called it “25 shades of fund raising” as we would like to keep the 25 theme going.

Maybe a sponsored silence for 25 hours?  Spend 25 hours in a onesie?   Or maybe make and sell 25 cup cakes.

This is not about thinking “I need to raise thousands and if I don’t what is the point?”    This is about joining Team Honk and even raising just a fiver.    That fiver is crucial.   Vital.   And goes a long way to helping people.    We have seen the evidence of that and what to keep the Good Work done by Comic Relief going.

So please don’t think you have to do something huge.   Join the team and let us know what you plan to do.

If you are a blogger, please blog about it too and link up on Team Honk where there is a new fund raising linky.    Let’s show Comic Relief what we are all made of!!!


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  • Go Mummy Barrow! You’ll be fab. Can’t wait to see pictures. I need to start some training, not long to go!

    • Dont think that out loud. It has been suggested. I put my fingers in my ears and said I couldn’t hear them.

  • What a fantastic idea – at least if you are wearing 25 pairs of pants you won’t get saddle sore. I’m up for some fundraising so will get my thinking cap on for the ’25’ theme. Having seen your posts from Ghana I now understand more then ever what a fantastic charity Comic Relief is x

  • I will most definitely sponsor you. Will have to wait til payday on the 25th, but I will contribute! Good for you, am sure you will raise loads of money!

  • I love this! When you say “on your own”, does that mean you don’t want a send off or cheering along the route though? I must express slight concern about the pants thing as I learned the hard way why cyclists don’t wear pants under their padded shorts:-0 I will be sponsoring you and cheering you on however you choose to dress!