My Monthly Binge — April

Did you watch any of the suggestions in my March Binge list?  I would love to hear if you did and what you thought of any of them.   I mentioned Fleabag last month and this week we saw the last ever episode (they have said there won’t be a third series) and I have to admit to be being pretty broken by the fact it is over.   Please, if you haven’t watched it, catch it on iPlayer before it goes (but not with your parents or kids around, its err <looks at feet> sexual).

I have managed to binge a whole load more recently (thank you FA Cup final and various other matches on the TV leaving me free to binge on my iPad) so here they all are, ready for you watch over Easter if you fancy.

A quick mention for some good series at the moment on ITV and The BBC that would have included except they are once (or twice a week) and therefore you can’t binge them.  You could wait until they are finished I guess and watch them back to back on catch up though I guess:  The Bay, The Widow, The Victim.   All worth watching.

After Life — Netflix

I resisted this for ages because it was written and stars Ricky Gervais, who I am really not a huge fan of.   And when I say not a huge fan I mean I actively avoid his stuff, find him incredibly un-funny, and almost walked out of a live gig he did a few years ago.   But so many people had said how wonderful this series was that I caved and gave it the benefit of the doubt.   And oh boy am I so pleased I did.

It is beautiful.  Without giving too much away it tells the story of a man who has lost his wife and is coming to terms with his grief.   Far from being sad it is uplifting and joyous.

Line of Duty —  BBC

The new series of this has been rated as the highest watched programme on the BBC this year, over 11.5 million people watched the first episode.   If you haven’t watched it before, definitely worth bingeing the previous four series and then getting up to date so you can watch this one.   You can guarantee when the ends are all tied up and they finally crack who the mysterious “H” really is it will be ALL over social media so make sure you are up to date so you can avoid spoilers.   It isn’t a massive catch up, there are only 25 episodes to enjoy.   Get comfy and clear your diary for Easter!

The Good Fight — Prime Video

Season three of this is now being shown on E4 but if you haven’t seen it from the beginning then you really should.   You don’t necessarily need to have watched The Good Wife which this is the spin off from but if you do want another great series….

Diane Lockhart is leaving her previous law firm to retire, or is she?  If you love American courtroom drama, this is brilliant with really strong central characters that you’ll fall in love with.

The Case Against Adnan Syed — NOW TV

If you listened to the “Serial” Podcast the name Adnan Syed will be familiar to you, if it’s not familiar then Adnan Syed was convicted of the murder in 1999 of his ex girlfriend Hae Min Lee.   This documentary looks at the case, in four episodes, as the retrial in 2016 concludes.


Oh and if you want something to really, truly binge, Game of Thrones is back next week and if you haven’t watched the previous seven seasons apparently there is just about enough time to get started now and get up to date if you don’t do anything else for the next three days.


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