My Monthly Binge — May

And so here we are another month later, and a month with two bank holidays and a week of half term.   So if you find yourself with a few extra hours thanks to no school run, or a weekend away, here are my suggestions of what to binge this month

Madam Secretary — NOW TV

If you haven’t seen this then you are in for an absolute treat.    It is currently at the end of Series 5 and tells the story of Elizabeth McCord (played by Tea Leoni who can do no wrong in my eyes) as she leaves the CIA and joins the White House.  Her predecessor has died in strange circumstances and the President asks her to join his team as Secretary of State because she has such a formidable knowledge of world politics.   The show started in 2014 which is when she started dating her on screen husband too, the chemistry between them is wonderful.   120 episodes to catch up on so you best get started.

Veep — Amazon Prime TV

Continuing the American political drama with a strong female lead, this is another one to sink your teeth into.  Seven seasons but it has now been cancelled so there won’t be any more.  Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays the Vice President and isn’t afraid of speaking her mind.  Usually with expletives.   Written by the team behind The Thick of It I was late to this series but love it, episodes are only half an hour so you can watch them without having to pay too much attention.   A superb dark comedic insight into what being Vice President might be like.

Dead To Me — Netflix

This series has only just landed on Netflix so is perfect for bingeing all in one weekend, as long as you can get past the fact you will keep thinking Christina Applegate is Jennifer Aniston.  The story revolves around Jen, an estate agent, whose husband has just been killed in a hit and run accident.  She goes to a support group where she meets Judy.  I won’t tell you anymore for fear of spoilers but suffice to say as the story unfolds you will be more and more gripped.   Rumour has it season 2 is about to be announced.

Mum — BBC

This is truly one of the most beautiful comedies I have ever watched.  Three seasons, and I hadn’t even heard of it until this one despite it having one a BAFTA.   A really small cast of characters, all centring around Mum, Cathy, who has just lost her husband.  The first season is twelve episodes and tells the story of the year, month by month, after his funeral.  The second season is six episodes long and follows Cathy from her birthday in March to November.   Whilst the final episode is set over a week away in a rented property with her brother and his girlfriend, her inlaws, her son and his girlfriend, and her friend Michael.   Beautiful and heartwarming I will be asking if you have watched this series every time I see you until you tell me that you have.


That’s it for May, they should all keep you going!  I will let you know next month what I think you should watch yet.

Have you seen Mum yet?

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