My Top Ten — by @estateagentdad

A return of my Saturday Top Ten Tune list.   Havent done one for a while and I have missed them!    This one though, is well worth the wait, it’s a belter.

Duran Duran — Careless Memory

Not the most well known perhaps of Duran Duran’s stuff, and it wasn’t my favourite record at the time, however, over the years it has grown to be a favourite – good break up song!

Gary Jules / Tears for Fears — Mad World

As a teenager this song spoke to me, then it was covered by Gary Jules I first heard it whilst I was driving and I pulled over to listen to it, the lyrics are just so right. I also rate Pale Shelter & Shout

Garth Brooks — Thunder Rolls

I sometimes suffer with bouts of insomnia and during one of these bouts I stayed up and watched the Country Music Awards, I watched Garth Brooks perform this live and went out and bought the album the next day, to me a brilliant story and record, The Hits album is one of my all time favourites!

Roxette — Spending my Time

One of my secret pleasures, Marie is not only beautiful but a lovely voice too, this record always pulls at me, it was a close run thing between this and Fading like a Flower!

Thunder — Love Walked In

I went to see Heart at Poole Arts Centre and Thunder were supporting, simply awesome, went out and bought the CD the very next day and there are so many tracks I like, however, for me this is quintessentially them!

Hazel O’Connor — Will You

Such a hauntingly beautiful record, superb sax, great voice and great lyrics. I know it may not be cool at any time of my life to have liked this record, but, I don’t care, simply superb

Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page — Come with Me

he theme tune from the 1998 remake of Godzilla this is one of my favourite films alongside Aliens, I instantly liked this track and I am not bored of it yet.

Don Henley — Boys of Summer

Just an absolute corker of a summer record, I initially thought it was Bryan Adams, descriptive lyrics I could imagine the life, the girl everything. Pure Class.

Bryan Adams — Summer of ’69

From the opening riff, hooked, distinctive voice and style. I was 16, it wasn’t cool, but I didn’t care. Recently Not Romeo Not Juliet is definitely worth a listen.

Whitesnake — Here I go Again

Sometimes a record is so classic. Epic videos, shaggy hair, tight jeans, I thought David Coverdale was a god. Recently in hospital I put on whitesnake to go to sleep, and found myself headbanging on the pillow. You just can’t stop your head nodding!

This has been so difficult, leaving off Ultravox’s Vienna, Def Leppard Two Steps Behind, Kim Carnes and Bette Davis Eyes! I really needed a top twenty (at least)

What a cracking list!!!  Especially Hazel O’Connor.   Love that song.

Want to do one?  Just drop me a mail.

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  • Recognised Bryan Adams’ name and I think I’ve used some duran-duran to clean my spade but as for the rest of them! Bring back Count John McCormack say I……