#My Week — August 16th



Apart from the utter and total exhaustion this week has been a good one.   And when I say good I mean quiet.   I have actually had a chance to read some other blogs this week.  To sit in the garden for half an hour, and to go out for dinner with my bestest best friend Mrs Cooke.

We spent last Sunday out in the country having tea and cake in my my folks new house.   At the end of a lane with polo ponies in a field beyond the hedge, it couldn’t be more perfect.    Not their polo ponies I hasten to add.   They like their horsepower to come from a slightly different source.

Polo Ponies

Mr B was out in London on Wednesday night and on the way home he texted me to say “go outside and look at the meteor shower!”.    Cue Jonnie and I going outside and lying on the lawn to see if we could see anything.   I have an app on my phone that Jonnie told me about in Barbados, it’s called StarTracker Lite so I fired it up.   It’s free and one of my favourite apps at the moment.   You open it up and then point your camera towards the night sky, and it names the stars for you.     And overlays a graphic to show you a picture to represent the star sign.   I could play with it for hours.   Jonnie saw quite a few shooting stars too.

Meteor Shower

The major excitement for the week came from our box of goodies arriving from Sky Movies.  It was rammed full of Tangled goodies so that we can have a #MovieParty in the coming weeks.  If you missed the competition I am doing as part of the campaign, then do go and enter here.

One of the blogs I have enjoyed rummaging through this week belongs to the Scummy Mummies.   I met up with them at Camp Bestival a couple of weeks ago and had a quick chat with them.   They are hilarious and guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.   We saw them just after Helen McGinn did her wine tasting, as they ended the session off with a very apt song.   They interviewed Helen before her session for one of their regular podcasts, and previewed the song to her.   It’s included in this Podcast, right at the end:  More Wine  Episode 53    You miss out on seeing the amazing costume reveal but the song is fabulous.

I have also been catching up with my friend Sarah who has been undergoing more medical procedures this week.   I can’t say enjoy reading her posts, they can make harrowing reading as she blogs living with a life altering condition like Ehler Danlos but it is a blog that it’s a great blog to read.   It’s personal and it’s raw and my heart breaks for Sarah.   But she is one of the bravest people I know and I know this condition won’t break her and she will fight with all she’s got.    Do have a read and show her your support.   At 2am in a hospital bed when she can’t sleep I know seeing a comment pop up can mean the world.

And so it is the weekend again.   We had to cancel some of our plans due to illness this weekend so we had a quiet night in on Saturday, the last free Saturday night we have for about eight weeks!  I have recently discovered Chicago Fire on Sky boxsets so whilst Mr B flitted between golf / rugby / football / a Bourne film he has seen a million times already, I sat and watched yet another episode on the app on my phone.  Isn’t technology brilliant?

Today we have another family tea party as it is my birthday next week so we are doing cake this afternoon.  Apparently Mr B is making it.   So I better go and supervise.

Whatever you are doing this week, I hope it’s a fabulous one.   Do let me know, I love living vicariously when I am slumped on the sofa!

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  • sorry to hear about your friend, will pop over to her blog later. have a fab birthday week and enjoy your movie parties

  • Sends birthday wishes and hopes that the cake turned out as planned. Sorry to hear about your friend… will be popping over to read her blog just as soon as I’ve typed this.