Pistachio ice cream for National Ice Cream Month

This is my favourite pistachio ice cream, just in time for National Ice Cream Month

Pistachio ice cream

This weekend sees the end of National Ice Cream month.   Quite possibly my favourite month of the year, I am sure you will agree.

We have just come back from a week in Italy where we consumed our own body weight in ice cream over the six days, in fact on one day Jonnie had four.   The gelateria on the camp site is the only thing that appears on my credit card transactions for the week!   Yep, we got through a fair amount of it.

Italian ice cream made in Italy is the best.   Mass produced stuff in the UK just comes a shoddy second, even if it does dress itself up as luxury, home made or made with organic ingredients.

The only thing that come close to proper Italian ice cream is your own home made ice cream, made with fresh ingredients, not ones you can’t pronounce!   And if you have a Sage Appliances Smart Scoop it is the easiest thing in the world to rustle up a batch whilst you are eating dinner.

Why do it over dinner?

Well because at the end this happens and if you have friends over for dinner it really is the best surprise to spring on them as you clear away the dinner plates

So here is my recipe for a really creamy pistachio ice cream which was one of our favourites in Rome

Pistachio ice cream
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
An easy pistachio ice cream
Recipe type: Easy
Cuisine: Dessert
Serves: 6
  • 100g shelled pistachio
  • 150ml milk (full fat, don't use skimmed or semi skimmed)
  • 100g golden caster sugar
  • 300ml double cream
  • 300ml ready-made custard
  • ½ tsp almond extract
  1. Set aside ¼ of the pistachios and finely grind the remainder in a food processor.
  2. Tip the milk and sugar into a pan and bring gently to the boil, stirring to dissolve the sugar.
  3. Remove from the heat, leave to cool, then chill
  4. Finely chop the reserved pistachios.
  5. Whip the cream to soft peaks.
  6. Fold in the custard, then the nut milk until evenly mixed.
  7. Pour into your Sage Smart Scoop and churn on your favoured setting

 Serve with a little ice cream wafer!

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