National Tea Day

National Tea Day

As National Tea Day on April 21st in the UK is a day I felt I couldn’t let go unnoticed given that my actual name is T.  Okay so maybe that is my nickname but it still feels like a day I should mark.   There is also an International Tea Day in December should you want to read a post I wrote about that a few years ago

So here are a number of tea related things you can see / eat / do today to mark this most important of occasions.

What is Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea has been around since the 1800s.   It was a long time between luncheon at 1pm and dinner at 8pm so afternoon tea was a chance to stave those hunger pangs mid afternoon, typically between 3pm and 5pm.  It comprises sandwiches (usually egg and cress, and cucumber), scones with jam, and small sweet cakes. Eaten in that order!

You might not be able to go out for afternoon tea right now but there are still ways to enjoy it, and even look forward to it in the months ahead.

Book Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is actually a relatively reasonable way to get inside some of the swankiest hotel that would normally be out of your budget (they are certainly out of mine).  Afternoon tea though means that for around £30 a head (not cheap, but cheaper than a three course dinner or an overnight stay) you can step inside and pretend this is something you do every day.  Geotag the location on your instagram stories and people will think that you do it all the time.

The Ritz 

Okay so this might be a little more than £30 a head at £58, but if you wanted to do something really special, or to make an anniversary or retirement this would be gorgeous way of doing it.

Mr Fogg’s

If you like the idea of a selection of gins to go with your sandwiches and cakes then you really need to head over to Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour.  £40 a head and great fun.

Coworth Park

According to the Afternoon Tea Awards 2018 (no really, such a thing actually exists) the best afternoon tea in the UK is here and prices start from £38.

Afternoon tea delivered

Okay so maybe you can’t get this delivered for a day or two but if you are really craving afternoon tea then these companies are delivering afternoon teas

English Cream Tea Company does a hamper for two that includes sandwiches, tea, scones and cakes

Devon Heaven have a range of options available including one with Prosecco

Interflora , yep, even Interflora can deliver an afternoon tea hamper (with free next day delivery too)


Top tips for a top cup of tea

If you don’t want the faff of all the scones and cakes but just want a great cup of tea, here is my advice. Clearly this is not for your first cup of tea in the morning when you just need a cuppa and need it NOW but if you have time to make a good cup of tea then these would be my top tips.

  1. Ideally the water should be 93 degrees rather than boiling as it can burn the tea if it is too hot, and 93 is the optimum temperature for tea and coffee.
  2. Use tea leaves and a tea pot or a tea maker such as the Sage Tea Maker which we have had for seven years and it makes a fantastic cup of tea
  3. Pour the tea before the milk!

I know National Tea Day isnt the day we expected it to be in 2020 but I hope you still get to enjoy it.

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