New Bedrooms — AD

New Bedrooms — AD

When C mentioned recently that she was moving into a flat with her boyfriend there was a mix of emotion in our house.   She was clearly excited about this rite of passage in her life, finally having a place to call her own.    Whereas I was sad that my first born was flying the coop (here is the post I wrote about it at the time:  New Beginnings) .

J on the other hand….

He was grabbing C’s bedroom for his own and moving his stuff out of his bedroom before she had even got the last suitcase in her car and reversed off the drive.    He had it all planned in his head.   The colour scheme and the furniture he wanted.    He knew he wanted it to be monochrome but do you have any idea how many different shades of black there are?  Or indeed white.   There are hundreds.   We stood in Homebase for AGES trying to pick the right tone.   It didn’t help that he is colour blind.

Once we had sorted out the paint and he had done it all himself we then had to sort out carpet, another nightmare because there are so many shades of grey and black.     And don’t get me started on curtain rails and curtains.   I lost the will to live over those conversations.

Furniture however was a relatively easy task because he did know what he wanted.   Black.   And black furniture tends to come in pretty much one shade because you can buy everything in one particular range so it all matches.   Sanity restored.   His bed was also a doddle because, again, he had fixed ideas about keeping the room minimalist so he wanted to store all his stuff under his bed.   As he can under his current bed.   Oh but don’t be silly mum, that’s a single bed and by moving into a bigger bedroom I NEED, note need, a double bed.

I thought a child moving out was supposed to save us money?!

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