No Gallery this week but

There is no theme for the Gallery this week but I thought I would show you a picture anyway.  Well because that is what Wednesday is all about for me on the blog now.

I rejoiced last week when something in Karen Millen fitted me.  I love Karen Millen but she doesn’t cater to those of us that are large of nork or arse so it is rare I can buy anything with her label on.

Until last week when, after 25 years of contact lenses, my eyes said “No more” and I went back to glasses.   I had to give up on my contact lenses as my eyes were killing me and I couldn’t focus to put them in.   So for now I am back to glasses.   I have worn them since I was eighteen months old (yes I was that kid in your class with the pink frames and the patch over one eye).

Not sure I they suit me or not but until the novelty of wearing Karen Millen wears off, I am sticking with them.


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