A plea on behalf of the Oakridge Village Fete

An odd title for a post you might think.

Well let me explain.

But first of all, have you done something with your hair?  You have haven’t you?  And have you been working out?  You look really well at the moment.

Sorry, I digress

My dad is on the organising committee for this and is in charge of securing prizes for the raffle.   So this post is a bit of an eyelash flutter and an eyebrow waggle to ask if you might have anything you feel would make a great raffle prize and that you could donate to the cause.   The email from my dad is below:

The Show is on Saturday 7th September and all proceeds go to Charity.

This year’s Charity is “Hope for Tomorrow, bringing cancer treatment closer to home”. This Charity provides a mobile chemotherapy unit to help families cope with cancer.

Their website is Hope for Tomorrow and their registered charity number is 1094677.

Your help last year was brilliant and helped us raise nearly £1000 from the raffle alone and over £2,500 from the Show in total donations to charity.

Any help with prizes this year will be most gratefully received.

So there you have it.

If you feel you could donate something, and I mean anything, it doesnt have to be a high value item (though of course that would be amazing).  We are looking for lots of things that will attract ticket sales from everybody, so toys, books, hand made items, you name it, we would love it.

We would need to receive it by September 2nd ideally so that we can list it on the promotional flyers etc.

I will be blogging thanks to all who helped raise funds this year, so if you have an Etsy shop or an online business please do let me know the link to your sites and I will include it in my post.

And on behalf of the show, and Hope for Tomorrow, thank you so much.

Love Mummy B and her dad.

PS you can email me at mummybarrow at hotmail dot com and I will give you an address for any prizes.

PPS if you are on Twitter do show them some love @HfTcharity

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