Oh Madonna



Put it away.   You are 53.

You say you were trying to raise awareness of the oppression of women in Muslim countries.   Seriously?  That is not the way to do it.  Believe me.  I lived in a muslim country for 6 years and, yes, the oppression of women is very real.  And you are right, it needs to be discussed.

But bearing a nipple is hardly going to do the cause any favours.

You have children old enough to know what is going on.   Who may well have been back stage, as they have before.   Who are at school with other children who will ALL be talking about it.   What on earth must they be thinking today?     Most of us can’t sit on the sofa and snog our partners without our kids going “ewwwww” and doing that sicky face.   What on earth must this be making them think?  They won’t be understanding the link with the oppression of women.  They will see it as mum stripping off clothes and flashing her boobs.

I think this has nothing to do with the oppression of women.  And everything to do with self promotion of yourself.   You know all there is to know about self promotion and once said that there was no such thing as bad publicity.

Concentrate on writing great songs and singing them.    You are great at that.

As for the rest of it.   Leave it out.

Or actually, leave it in.



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