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I remember when I first heard that Lord Sugar’s office on the Apprentice isn’t his actual office and feeling as though I had been somehow massively ripped off.  Not that I actually watch The Apprentice mind you, but I have seen enough trailers to know he has a secretary who sits outside in an ante-room and says “Lord Sugar will see you now”.  Except she doesn’t, it is all a set.

Since then I have wondered about other offices and how if I my office were to be shown on screen when my life is turned into a movie (which it will be, obviously) how would I like it to be portrayed?  Certainly not true to life.  Currently there are a pile of files that need to be put somewhere a bit more permanent than leaning against the wall behind my desk, and a pile of stuff that needs to go to the dry cleaners.  Not very aspirational at all.

Unlike Harry Specter’s office in Suits. God I love that office.  Have you noticed in American legal drama shows that it is always about the corner office?  You haven’t made it in the firm until you have a corner office.   Harry uses his office to display his favourite bits of memorabilia, which true to form for Harry go beyond photos of his family and old coffee mugs.   If you have no idea what I am talking about then take a look at Furniture At Work who have actually made some floor plans for our favourite #OnScreenOffices.

Including Harry’s and also Mr Burns from the Simpsons.     I had no idea the latter had a suction button to “transport people to the Middle East”.  That is brilliant.

I think I need to start thinking along those lines for my office and really up my gain ahead it appearing in my future life story.

I don’t think piles of papers, a dog bed and 80 bottles of gin is really going to portray the image I am after.

How about you though, if your office was to make it onto TV or into film, how would you want it to look?

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