Over Priced Build Project Magazines

I have a “thing” about small print.   You know that bit that tells you all the terms and conditions that you don’t really need to pay attention to at the bottom of the advert.   Quite often Mr B and will see an ad on TV and say “What?  Their group was only of 100 women and 79% liked it.  Is that all?”

Don’t get me started on so called Pay Day Loans.  Extortion rackets more like.

So when I saw a series of adverts recently for magazine subscriptions I couldn’t help but laugh quite frankly.  All from a company called De Agnostini

Let me give you an example:

Nelson’s “Victory of the Seas”

  • 120 issues
  • First issue is £1.99
  • Next 119 issues are £5.99 each.


That totals £714.80.   Seven hundred Pounds.   For a model.   Why not go to Portsmouth for a weekend away and see the Victory for real?

Or if you insist on building the damn thing how about buying a kit from Model Zone for £329.99.    Still a ridiculous amount of money if you ask me but that is almost half the cost of this and you could built it in a month, not two and a half years.

Two and a half years of the bits cluttering up the dining room table getting in the way.

It will be older than my pants by the time it is finished.

Or how about this one:

A sixty part collection of books and farm animals.



At £4.99 an issue.

Almost £300.   That would get you a hell of a lot of farm yard animals and much better books from a toy shop.

And weekly.  How many families spend £20 a month on books or comics for kids?  There can’t be many that can afford that, surely?

The same is probably true of people wanting to learn more about cake decorating  (something I would love to learn more about) but this is four episodes a month at £3 a go.

Surely £12 a month would be better spent on a the Great British Bake Off book and ingredients?  Yes you get some free gifts but are they really worth it?    Surely they aren not worth £12 every month.

This subscription doesn’t even tell you how long it goes on for.   It never ends!

If I find that any of you have signed up to this madness I am going to get you help.  And a free copy of Nuts.


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  • Another thing I’m like you for then, the CD I look what the gift is in the shop if it’s no good to me I don’t get it but would never subscribe xxx