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The first post of the new year does feel a bit like the first page of a new exercise book.   And in fact my very first blog post makes the same anaology.    It’s a time for best hand writing, checking punctuation and making sure the page is kept flat and doesn’t end up with a curled corner.

The trouble with that philosophy though is that there is always somebody looking over your shoulder waiting to write “bum” in the margin.    Which then makes me want to pull the page out and start again.

So as a rule I don’t make resolutions as it feels like setting myself up for a fail.   The last resolution I set was in 1989 and I resolved to never make another New Year’s Resolution.

Longest thing I have stuck at.

But then the lovely Lady Briggs tagged me in  a New Year’s meme and it felt rude to ignore it.   *stares really hard at Laura though*

So here we go, my resolutions for 2013

1)  Learn to say no more often.   I rarely say “no” to people and this leads to me overloading my plate and ultimately making myself madly busy and then ill.    So from no on I shall make sure I think before I say “yes” to things.

2)  Reading more.   I love reading and don’t really have as much time for it as I would like.   Hopefully by saying “no” to things it will free up time to do that.   Read and recharge my batteries.

3)  Learn more about blogging.   There is so much about it that I just don’t know.  Networks, plug ins, Google+.   It all makes me shudder right now but I am determined to learn more than just putting words on a screen.

And that’s it.  Short and sweet and nothing earth shattering.

Now it is your turn:


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  • My No1 is to leave my stick in the umbrella stand.

    No 2 is to reduce my cursing, swearing and blasphemy – at least in public!

  • The temptation to write “bum” is almost overwhelming. I’m so proud of myself for resisting.


  • Sorry! *sits on the naughty step* thanks for joining in though and I think No1 is a great one which I will probably remind you of several times in 2013! x

  • Yeah, bum.

    I refuse to make resolutions because I know I won’t stick to them! Thanks for the tag though. It’s nice that you thought of me.

    CJ x

  • I love new notebooks, crisp clean white pages and the thrill of using your best pen to write something in your best handwriting.
    So here’s to keeping your notebook pages uncurled and no red pen in the margins. Happy New Year!