Parcelfarce. Again

I fell out with Parcelforce almost a year ago.   You can read why here:  Parcelfarce.

I have now fallen out with them again.   Once again not for the fact that something went wrong but for the way in which they have handled resolving it.  By pretty much saying “it’s your fault”.

Picture the scene.  A friend is sending me something I have bought from her and that I need to have on a particular day, as it is a gift for people we are seeing the following day.   The friend knows this and goes to the Post Office with said item, in a huge box.  Big and bulky and weighty.   She queues.    For a while.   It’s a Thursday.

When at the front of the queue our friend, let’s call her Annie.  Greets the cheery person on the Post office Counter with a smile and says “I need this to arrive at my friend’s house on Saturday.   What is the best service for that, please?”   The cheery person behind the counter says “ah yes, you need our 48hour service for that, kindly lady”.

Stickers are printed.  Annie pays.  Keeps the receipt, gives the tracking number to her friend, let’s for arguments sake call her T, and no more is thought of it.

On Saturday morning T gives up the chance of a lie in and gets up at 7.30am thinking Parcel Farce might arrive early as they often do.  She doesn’t want to miss them.   So she gets up at 7.30am.   And waits.

And waits

And waits.

She checks the tracking number at 11 ish and sees “in progress”.   Doesnt mean a lot so she tweets Parcel Farce.  No response

The response comes on Monday morning.   Along with the parcel.

Four days after posting.

I have done a Storify of the conversation with Parcel Farce.

So you see, it is our fault.   We should have checked the Ts and Cs.   When exactly?  Standing in the queue?

No.   Parcel Farce should get their bloody act together and not sell products to people that are wrong.   They should know what the hell they are doing.

Furious doesn’t even come close.

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  • ARGH ARGH ARGHHHHHHH. Papasaurus told me to use those Parcel2go people and I stupidly thought that Royal Mail would be the most reliable. Not the case it appears :/ Has it arrived yet ?!

    • It has indeed arrived. This morning. Monday. Not 48 hours after you posted. I should have just driven down and collected it from you. You would have saved the money and I would have snaffled a gin in a tin from your fridge. I am never using Parcel Force again.

  • I would agree with Papa Parcel2go is cheap and reliable 🙂

    I have today had something delivered by Royal Mail sadly untracked, which has been opened and had one irem removed/taken/lost I would hate to speculate … This is the service we pay for? They are just not competitive any more. Shoddy at best !!

    And breathe the pair of you … then bathe in gin xx

  • I would take it up with the post office lady – she should have known that a 48hr service would not arrive on a Saturday unless specifically paid for, & as ‘Annie’ asked for Saturday delivery, should have charged her the Saturday supplement – not handled well by Parcelforce though – and their tracking system, I agree, is absolutely useless!

  • Wow, what a way to treat customers. So rude and snappy. I thought the customer service staff was there to solve customer problems?

    • Tsk tsk Carolin. CS are there to RESOLVE things, also known as “getting rid of the complaint”, not actually solving problems. The best way to get rid of a complaint is to show that it’s invalid really, honest. Oh….

  • Awful service. I would be writing to the post office branch to complain about the member of staff AND taking it further with ParcelForce to complain about the useless Twitter rep! x

  • I think they should refund to be honest, but I think there is more chance of finding a unicorn on the school run than them doing that. :-/