Pass on the lurve

The lovely Sophie at Super Amazing Mum has tagged me in a blog lurve linky after she too was tagged by Tamsyn whose idea this was.

You have to write a post about someone in the social media world who means something to you.  Tamsyn and Sophie do mean the world to each other and I was thrilled when Sophie wrote her post and included me.

And not for that reason do I include Sophie in mine but because without her there would be no MummyBarrow blog.  I have talked before about her being the driving force behind me starting and I will love her for that forever.   We were roomies at Britmums and though we don’t meet up / text / phone / tweet each other very often it is lovely knowing she is out there.

The second blogger on my list would be old bad ass Spratt.   This is a blog post she wrote after coming for a gin fest one night recently:  A night with Mummy Barrow.   I now think the two of us should have an exclusion zone around each other.   After our night on a press trip this week we were referred to as the most mental bloggers somebody had ever worked with.   I *think* she meant it as a compliment.    Annie is slowly taking over the blog world, one gin in a tin at a time,  and gives her expertise tirelessly.   Her generosity knows no bounds.   Especially when it comes to gin.

The next blogger who means something to me is a relative newcomer to blogging but I have loved seeing her start out, get her own domain, join networks and bloom as a blogger.    She has also given me invaluable advice on my little new little business venture (more of that in due course).   I am, of course, talking about Laura, Lady Briggs.   Laura lives down the road and we do see each other for tea and a catch up.

And last but seriously by no means least is Claire at Ministry of Mum.  Who is, quite possibly, THE most barking mad woman on the planet.   Her blog posts always make me shout “yes, yes, I could have written that, that is so funny.  Why the feck DIDN’T I write it?”   And I know why.   Because it wouldn’t have been half as funny. Claire won an award for this blog post:  Seven Days of Special Love and even now it makes me cry with laughter.

Four kick-ass women I adore.  If you don’t know their blogs….. go look…. now….. go on…..  whatcha waiting for.


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  • Bad ass Spratt here *mosies on in with swag*

    Well howdy purtee laydeee *tips hat* Thank you very much that. I’m going to saddle up my stallion and head off to think of who to put in my post. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  • aaaaahhhhhh how lovely. I take FULL credit for getting you started and I am SO glad you did!!!! Love ya xx