How posh are you?

This is one of those stupid quizzes on Facebook that we sometimes take part in for no reason other than to waste two minutes.  The results are as far from scientific as it is possible to get.    This particular quiz on how posh we are was one of the worst.   It came with such gems as “have you ever been to or participated in a game of polo?”.

That doesn’t make you posh.    Well playing the game means you are rich, but that doesn’t make you posh.   And you can get in to watch polo for a tenner.   So that is a nonsense question.   Other, equally ridiculous questions include:

poshquiz(let’s ignore that typo at the end of question 5 as well shall we?) because that made me rage in a very unposh way.  Or the glaring omission on question 7 that says “drink gin”.

Doing this quiz reminded me of a great story Mr B told me soon after we met.   He has a bunch of friends he met at uni that played a game of “how posh are you” one day, the questions still make me chuckle when I hear them today.  Set by Mr B’s friend Jonnie Rob it came about one night when they realised one of their group would score higher than any of the rest them.

So here goes.   Here is a real test of how posh you might or might be.

What is the name of the room you sit in when people come and visit:

a) lounge

b) living room

c) sitting room

d) parlour

What is the name of the piece of furniture those visitor would sit on:

a) couch

b) settee

c) sofa

d) chaise longue

Where is your washing machine?

a) laundrette

b) kitchen

c) utility room / scullery

d) boiler house

What do you call the last course of your meal?

a) afters

b) sweet

c) pudding

d) dessert

What do you call your evening meal?

a) scran

b) tea

c) supper

d) dinner


a) kept in cages by your Uncle John in his back yard

b) vermin

c) to be cooked for 20 minutes on gas mark 6

d) clay


Suffice to say if you scored all d)  you are unbelievably posh and if you are mostly a)s well you are not quite so posh.


Where are you on the A-D mix?

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