In praise of a supermarket breakfast (AD)

In praise of a supermarket breakfast

People often talk about the amazing breakfast they have in a cute, Instagram worthy, cafe but we don’t very often see discussions in praise of a supermarket breakfast do we?

Why is that?  Why don’t we see people talking about the fact you can get a cracking breakfast at a really reasonable price at the same time as doing the weekly shop.   Maybe even instead of doing the weekly shop.  We get our shopping delivered but every now and again at the weekend we will say “come on, let’s go out for breakfast” and the first place we head to is our local Tesco.

Which is why I was thrilled to be asked by Tesco to attend an event at the slightly further away “big” Tesco to celebrate the launch of their new cafe after a make over and to see the food cooked to order, and to try some.  Supermarket breakfasts are amongst my favourite and if you ask me if I want to go to Tesco for breakfast or a posh cafe then the former is going to win every time.

One of the new items on the menu was a vegan breakfast for £5.75.  Now I am not vegan, I’m not even veggie, but it sounded so good I couldn’t resist.  Plant based sausages, beans, grilled tomatoes and mushroom, spinach, avocado and some toast.   It was absolutely delicious.  And a bargain.    All washed down with the obligatory tea of course.   Mr B had scrambled eggs on bagels and also thought they were fab.  As was his barista made cappuccino.   We will definitely be back.  And soon.

Seriously, look at that menu.  I think it is fabulous.  All day breakfast (what is not to love?!) and you can get a hot children’s meal for £3.25.

It is a little known fact that when I first came back from living in Saudi Arabia and had no idea what I was doing with three children under 5 I used to take my children for tea in a supermarket cafe.   Firstly it meant I didnt have try and juggle feeding them all and they thought it was a treat, and secondly nobody minded if they were having an off day or hour.  They didn’t have to be on their best behaviour because we were out in a fancy cafe where the tables are squished together and people are having meetings over coffee.   My children knew they could chat loudly about their day, they could giggle and laugh and nobody would look over and huff at them.  As I struggled to come to terms with moving back to a strange town from six years abroad that supermarket cafe was a safe space for me.  A social space where I didnt necessarily have to talk to anybody else but I could get some social interaction without having to really make small talk either.  I have never really forgotten how welcoming it was.  Mad I know, but there is something about a supermarket cafe that I really love.

They are also the best places to people watch.  Where young families are having tea.  Workers are grabbing a good value hot meal.  Where older people are enjoying a meal they haven’t had to cook, or clear up.   Where people can eat alone without a pitying look.  Where families can eat before (or after) doing the weekly shop.

Thanks for having us Tesco, that breakfast was fabulous, and in my opinion your cafes really do make the best cups of tea.

We received a complimentary breakfast in exchange for our thoughts

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