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A bar cart is a lovely addition to every home, especially if you like a little tipple now and then.

You don’t have to be a big drinker to have a bar cart (you could even take a leaf out of RHS Wisley’s book and add some plants!).  It’s just as acceptable to stock it up with soft drinks and enjoy a mocktail when you want one. There are some beautiful bar carts and home bars out there, which can really enhance the look of your living room, dining room, kitchen, or any little nook where it might look right. Once you have the cart, there are several other must-haves for building your stylish bar cart.


Find the Right Bar Cart

First, you need to choose the cart itself. There are, of course, lots of options out there in different styles. Although it’s called a bar cart, it doesn’t necessarily need to be on wheels. Some people might like a Great Gatsby design, others might be looking for mid-century modern. You could choose something industrial, or look for something that’s super up-to-date. Different shapes, materials, and colours are available to help you find one that you love. Consider how many shelves there are and how much space is available, too, so that you can fit everything on it.

Get a Selection of Glasses

You probably won’t keep all of your glasses on your bar cart, but it is useful to have a few on there. When you can reach for a couple of cocktail glasses with ease, it’s better than having to go digging around in the cupboards. Think about what you drink most often, and have a couple of different types of glasses available. If you like gin, a couple of gin balloons might be good for you. If you like whiskey, some whiskey tumblers could take pride of place on your cart.

Stock Up on Essential Drinks

Next, you need to choose what drinks you want to put on your cart. Anything that needs to be served cold has to go in the fridge, so you’ll need to focus on anything that can sit out at room temperature. That might mean that you have spirits and liquors on your cart, while mixers and other drinks like wine are kept cold elsewhere. You can, of course, choose bottles that look pretty to put on display. But you probably don’t choose your drinks based on how much you like the bottle, so think about what you drink most too.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

You can always spruce up your bar cart with a few extras. Firstly, there are some useful things. A cocktail shaker, some measures, and a tray for carrying drinks can all come in handy. You can also include some fun things that might enhance the look of your cart or your drinks. A couple of ornaments might add some art to your drinks cart, while some paper umbrellas might lift up your cocktails when you make them.


Add a bar cart to your home for a touch of sophistication. It will make any drinks look classier than they are.


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