Ranty Friday — 28th September


When Ranty Friday was a regular thing I would blog about one thing.   Invariably it was only thing that had wound me up in the preceding week, so Friday was my day to get it off my chest.

Not this week though.  Quite a few things have pushed my buttons.

Starting with Jan Moir.   I can’t stand the woman quite frankly.   She’s got a vile outlook on life and is trying to be a low budget Katie Hopkins.   Jan’s latest column basically says that if you have a tattoo you are a criminal.  And that you certainly shouldn’t be allowed to be a police officer.   Oh do me a favour.

Surely anyone foolish enough to get the kind of visible tattoo that spoils their chances of gainful employment should be automatically disqualified from the force on the grounds they are too stupid to go around upholding the law?

I’ve got three tattoos and I have NEVER broken the law.  I have had two tickets for speeding, both over seven years ago, maybe one or two parking tickets (so long ago I can’t even remember and I might not have ever had any if I really think about it) and I have never broken the law.  Never been arrested.   Never been inside a police station unless it was to drop something off or to chat to one of my Victim Support clients back with when I was a counsellor for them.

The only time I have been in prison was to chat to prisoners, and yet somehow because I have “visible inkings” I am the lowest of the low.

My tattoos both mean something.  I am proud of them both and as far as I know they have NEVER stopped me getting any kind of work.   Admittedly me two most recent ones are not particularly visible (one is under my watch strap and one is on my right arse cheek) but the first one I ever got is very visible.

If somebody is going to judge my ability to fulfil a particular role based on a black mark on my wrist the size of a £1 coin then I am not sure I even want to be considered thanks very much.

David Beckham

Once upon a time this man could do no wrong.   He is known by my mum in law (who has several friends who used to see him out shopping when he lived in  Cheshire)  as “that lovely David”.   Not any more though, well certainly not by me.

This week he employed the services of “Mr Loophole” who helped him get let off a speeding conviction on the basis that the paperwork was a day late.  So on a technicality.   David had already pleaded guilty to doing 59mph in a 40mph zone on the A40, yet somehow felt it appropriate to employ the services of a man whose career is based on loopholes and technicalities.

This worries me.   Firstly it demonstrates that he thinks he is above the law.  It displays a “Yeah I know I am wrong but I don’t care” approach the law.   A man who, if he had been banned from driving, would have been able to employ a chauffeur for however long was needed.   A man for whom driving is not his living so he would not have suffered from any loss of income because of it.   I don’t agree with anyone being let off a speeding ticket, but I guess in some circumstances there are mitigating factors.   I can’t see what they were for Beckham.

Secondly it makes me wonder if we are approaching a two tier legal system:  those that can afford the likes of Mr Loophole, and those that can’t.

One of the most sobering things I ever did was a speed awareness course.   I wrote about it here:  Wrist Slap Wednesday because it really changed the way I viewed the road, and my position on it as a driver.  I like to think it made me a safer driver.

What does this make Beckham?

Just a rich bloke who has got way with speeding because he’s famous, got deep pockets and a flash car.

Over Priced Menus

Now I know that a menu never really represents “value for money”.   It isn’t designed to.   There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration, staff wages, rent, taxes, the raw ingredients etc.   However, I don’t believe they should basically hike the price up just because they think their clientele can afford it.

I was researching lobster in Barbados this week (don’t ask) and came across the above menu offering crab claws for £154

And they aren’t even bloody cooked!

I am sorry but that is taking the whatsit.    How on earth can any restaurant justify over £150 for crab claws?   When six oysters are only £25.

Or nearly a tenner for a bowl of rice?  Or even a salad?

Just stop it.

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